Darling Sweet Darling

Darling, sweet darling

Dare you undress

Laying there naked

While I caress


The soul of your body

The soul of your being

The soul of our love

While both hearts are beating.


Darling, sweet darling

I want you stripped down

To the core of what makes this great world spin round

You in I

And I in you

Forever together like two pieces do.


Darling, sweet darling

Oh don’t close your eyes

This is the part with no surprise

With hands interlocked

Searching for more

To the shore of existence

The shore of before.


Darling, sweet darling

Laying there stripped

Of the eyes of tomorrow

While showered with bliss

Turn over your body

Your mind I will kiss

It’s the essence of you that I’m going to  miss.


Darling, sweet darling

Our memories are gold

It’s your mind not your body that I longed to hold

Laced in a time

Where your skin played the part

I refuse to compete with the mimes of your heart.


Darling, sweet darling

It’s love that I need

The love that the forests of yesteryear bleed

Where thirst is quenched by rivers with ease

And hunger quieted by the rustling of leaves.


Darling, sweet darling

Oh why can’t they see

That their valleys are shackled with man made debris

The cities ignite with a rush of great fire

No wonder they’re all so bleak and so dire

My mountains our mountains they sing and they preach

To heavens and galaxies far beyond reach.


Darling, sweet darling

I want you exposed

The flesh is as worthless as all of your clothes

With eyes full of longing

With eyes full of hope

Tomorrow perhaps will be just a joke.


Darling, sweet darling

Time brings anew

Moments of clarity sparkling with dew

Refreshed from our history

Refreshed from your past

Maybe just maybe these moments will last

The cage has been lifted

The sky turns to clear

I wonder how long it’ll take you to hear.


Boundless Opportunities

“As my head hits the hard compacted dirt I’ve gratefully chosen to call my bed for the evening I wonder if it’ll ever subside. I vividly dream of places I’ve never been with people I have yet to meet. The boundless opportunities to share love linger on my skin like a silken cocoon. Wrapped in visions of unknown yet familiar territories I close my wandering eyes and drift away from the shackles of consciousness as I free my spirit and dance through the realms of a universe beckoning to be explored. There’s one thing I know for certain – my human body knows the secrets of the soul and my cells will continue to dream and discover until my bones disintegrate and the dust of my past blankets every corner of this beautiful world.”


All material is copyrighted. Do not duplicate or share without written consent from the author – Sara Fry

“The Game”

What is “The Game” and why are the masses eagerly participating in this round-about way of having a relationship with members of the opposite sex?  Are relationships taking a turn for the worse? Are today’s generation of Millenials, or more commonly referred to as the Y Generation, (children born between 1980-2000) causing themselves a great disservice by participating in “The Game?”

All too often, in todays society, we are bombarded by dating advice. Everywhere we look we are reminded of how we should behave in order to attract the obverse gender. Our culture thrives monetarily on the dating scene. We have TV shows, magazines, billboards, hotlines, apps on our phones, and even websites specifically designed to pair people together. Thus creating a business based on other people’s relationships. As a culture, we give billions of dollars every year to companies that tell us how we need talk, what we need to wear, the food we need to eat, and essentially, who we need to become in order for us to be successful in our relationships. We have completely changed the dating scene by buying into the rules set by big businesses. Is it possible that by listening to the “advice” dished out by money hungry corporations, we have forgotten what it means to be ourselves?  By playing into “The Game,” have we created a society wrought with superficial people, and in turn, hollow relationships? By following the current have we created a ripple effect that will only become more difficult to break free from?


In today’s day and age we are constantly reminded of the material world. Everywhere we travel we are reminded of the items that corporations deem essential. We purchase these manufactured articles in order to impress other people. But why should the amount of money we spend on meaningless products be at the forefront of our relationships? How has it come to be, that the things we posses are more important than our personalities? We need to embrace who we are, not what we are. The clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the houses we live in do not express who we are as individuales. We cannot know a person by having a conversation with their car or by looking at their house. We develop relationships by having honest conversations. It is in listening to others aspirations and watching their actions that we begin to understand who a person really is on the inside. When we take away these material obstructions we begin to see clearly.


Material items aren’t the only facet of this play book. There are an incredible number of so called “rules” that make up a substantial portion of “The Game.” We have rules that dictate how long we must wait to call a person, rules that say we must play hard to get, rules that tell females they must always let the guy win, and even rules that determine an appropriate number of dates before we can have sex. Who created these rules? And why are we following them? It’s okay to break this misconception of how relationships should go. It’s okay to take a different path.


If you like someone, tell them. If you want to talk to someone, talk to them. Life is too short to be spent worrying about what others think. Be yourself; your true self. If you’re good at something, give it your all. Why would we want to be anything less than what we’re capable of? Be the person who exists when all the material items are stripped away. Be the person who follows their heart, instead of rules set by people that are too afraid to listen to their feelings. Step off the path traveled by many searching souls. Take control of your life.


 Isn’t the whole point of a relationship so we get to know one another on a more personal level? At the very core of it, don’t we all want friendship? Don’t we all yearn for someone who we can be our true selves around? That special person who understands us, and wants the best for us? Why would we begin our quest with buying into media hype of what’s “proper?” Why has the dating scene become a game that only produces inaccurate readouts? For healthy relationships to survive we need to change “The Game.” We need to go against the grain… we need a new direction.


I encourage you to develop a relationship based on truth. I urge you to break away from meaningless rules. I invite you to set a new standard. Go against the current. This is your life, don’t let others tell you how to live it. I challenge you to follow your heart and be your own person. It’s worth it.