Living In The Present

What does living in the present really entail?

Does it mean that we neglect the influence of past events? Perhaps it means that we strictly focus on the current affairs of our lives? Living in the present requires walking a very fine line. It means we acknowledge that our past molds us, but we must not let previous engagements interfere with our current state and obstruct us from achieving what is in front of us.


The borders between the past, present, and future are tethered together. These so called time frames have a tremendous influence on one another and how we chose to live our current lives.

We are constantly shaped by not only the past, but also the future. It is easier to see how our history is intertwined with the present. We acknowledge that prior interactions have a direct impact on us and how we socialize with our peers. For example, an argument with a loved one may cause you to harbor ill feelings and suspend communication. Just as the past effects us, the future does as well. Take for instance the phrase, “The bark…” the following word changes how we view the sentences. It could read, “The bark of a dog,” just as it could read, “the bark of a tree.” What happens in the past and future effects how we live in the present.


It is important to understand that the present involves each of these different time stages and in order to be in full attendance we must not forget that everything is interdependent with one another. Just as the food we eat now influences what we become later, and the items we consumed in the past have a direct correlation with how we appear now.

There is a distinct difference between conceding the events of the past and getting stuck in them. Many people live in the past. They focus on previous events and they allow those instances to control their lives and how they treat people. What we often forget is that people are constantly changing. You are a different person than you were a year ago, let alone five years. The experiences that happen in our past have the ability to change us and alter how we react in present day situations. We must be able to accept the past while also having the strength to forgive and move on.


Often times we hear of people holding grudges or feuds. They allow past encounters to directly influence their emotions and how they presently interact with people. If we constantly focus on previous wrongdoings we deprive ourselves the wonderful gift of freedom. We instead become slaves to our own emotions. We become chained to the past and our ability to see clearly is obstructed. We must be willing to move on for the benefit of not only ourselves, but others as well.

Forgiveness does not mean that we forget what has happened. Forgiveness means that we no longer allow a particular altercation to influence our present state. It means accepting what has happened and permitting ourselves to move forward. When we genuinely forgive someone we gain back control that had been lost due to malicious thoughts and resentments.


Just as living in the past has downfalls, so does living in the future. If we constantly worry about something that may or may not happen we rob ourselves of the beauty that exists here and now. We must let go of the false sense of authority we feel we hold over nature.

There is very little we have control over. Why do we devote so much energy to living in other time frames? We exist in this very second. We are not guaranteed anything. We have the ability to control our attitude and outlook. So let us focus our attention on being attentive to the needs that present themselves now.

I challenge you to be the master of your attitude. You have the ability to overcome far more than you realize. I encourage you to forgive someone who has caused pain and hurt. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget; but rather that you allow yourself to move on. Grant yourself permission to experience your emotions, accept what has happened, then agree to move on. Do not let prior events control your outlook on life.

Look for the beauty in every day. Channel your energy into experiencing your life now. We only have this very moment, so do not focus on what has happened or what could happen. Focus your attention on what is happening.


I challenge you to accept people for who they are, not for who they have been. I urge you to experience your emotions; they exist for a reason. Allow yourself to cry, laugh, smile, and scream. It’s when we detain ourselves from truly feeling, that we run into complications. Being healthy means not only maintaining your physical appearance, but also your mental and spiritual health as well. We must be present to the whole of our bodies rather than one singular facet.

I encourage you to live in the present. I encourage you to smile and be grateful you are alive. I encourage you to live free.

My Trip Home

At home on the trail

At home on the trail

Here’s a teaser picture from my trek. I just got back from my backpacking trip a few days ago. I have some good material so stay tuned. I hope you enjoyed the “preset” posts while I was away.

I have had a lot of inquires about my backpacking lifestyle so I’m linking my other website on this post. You’ll get a better sense of “me.” I hope you enjoy the stories. The site is much different than this one. It’s a personal account of backcountry living and my firsthand experiences. I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! I always love hearing from you!

The Purity of Love

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 


I try to refrain from writing my personal experiences, but I believe sharing will bring things into perspective with our upcoming holiday. It is extremely difficult for me to share this, please read it all the way through… trust me… it’s worth it.


 It is important that we be reminded of the true meaning of Valentines Day.

This holiday is purely dedicated to love.  So why do we buy into the way our media has capitalized on selling objects. Love is a feeling which cannot be purchased. It can only be given by someone who truly wants to share themselves. It is arguably one of the purest emotions we get to experience. It is an absolutely beautiful occurrence that should be cherished above all.

There are many people who dislike Valentines Day, perhaps because it reminds us that we are alone. We shouldn’t focus on this. It’s a day to rejoice. February 14th should be celebrated regardless of our relationship status. If you are single let us focus our attention on something positive; perhaps a friend, parent, colleague, or even a place that we have loved or has shown us love. Love isn’t strictly a romantic feeling. We should be grateful that our culture has dedicated an entire day to such a spectacular emotion.

No matter how bleak a situation may appear try and find the silver lining.

When I was eighteen my boyfriend died. Every year, on February 14th, I am reminded of the heart wrenching sorrow the anniversary of his death brings. I feel the overbearing pain as if were happening all over again. Regardless of my anguish, I always try to remember the love we shared and how lucky I was to be able to experience the purity of genuine love.

This is the eulogy I wrote for his funeral…


“We fell in love. Love has no boundaries or limits. It knows no distance or age. Love is irrational and unreasonable. But, we fell in love. He stole my heart. He was the sweetest, most loving and caring individual I have ever known in my life.

I want to thank each and every one of you here today for shaping him and making him the man that I fell in love with…. He had me, all of me. He was my world, my everything. I know that he is looking down on each and everyone of us here today. I know that he will ALWAYS be with me. Just like he will always be with everyone of us here.

He was very scared when he found out about the cancer. I held his hand through it and I’m holding your hands now. Despite his immense fear, he did what he needed to do. He was strong, brave, and he knew he might not make it out – but he fought. He was a fighter. Let us all take a little bit of his bravery, courage, and fight along with us. When ever we feel down and out let us be reminded of the incredible strength he had and let that fill us up.

He died on Valentines Day, now this to me seemed a horrible day to go on at first. However, the more I think about it, it was perhaps the best day he could have gone. It is a day dedicated to love. My love for him will NEVER cease to exist. I know that he loves me and I love him. There was no better day for him to leave us – than on a day of love. My love goes out to every individual here.

It seems like an impossible feat for me to carry on without the love of my life here on this earth, but I know that he is here looking after not only me, but us all. I cannot put into words how devastated I am by this loss, as I’m sure all of you are, but I hope my words bring you some comfort and understanding. He wanted us all to carry on.

This was the last text message he sent to me and I will pass it on to you; that it may bring you some comfort and peace.

“Let WIND blow away your sadness. Let RAIN wash away your worries. Let SUN bring you warmth. Let LOVE bring you happiness. And let my message bring you a SMILE. I LOVE YOU…”


I urge you to recapture the true meaning of Valentines Day. Cherish your loved ones. Show them how much you appreciate them. Life is very short. We are tremendously blessed to have an entire day devoted to love. Do not take Valentines Day for granted.

I love you.

Slowing Down

    Are we gaining anything from our high paced lifestyles or are we creating a caustic environment for ourselves?



Humans were created to function at approximately three miles per hour.  It’s at this perambulatory pace we are able to fully comprehend our environment and our ever-evolving lives. When we glide through our days at three miles an hour we are able to experience life outside of our spotlight images. The connections tethering life together become visible. We are able to identify not only nature, but ourselves. We are able to see bees pollinating flowers, birds using thermals to guide their wings, and wind carrying away sand. All of these occurrences are perpetually in motion. However, we have become so preoccupied with out busy lives we fail to recognize our relationship with not only the natural world around us, but also our immediate surrounds as well.

Take a moment to breathe


 Why has our culture become so obsessed in hastily charging through life? Why are we allowing our lives to be governed by “time?” Is it true we have fabricated a culture bent on racing through life; not actually living it. In our rush to live, have we inadvertently allowed ourselves to become slaves to our distorted perception of time?

Think about how often we rely on numbers and other stimulants to instruct us throughout our day.

We wake up to an alarm. We depend on coffee to start our morning. Upon entering a car we are saluted by another clock antagonizing us to move faster. We proceed to race into work where we punch our “time cards,” and pray that we aren’t late. At work we constantly check our watches urging the minutes to hurry up. Is it “time” for lunch? Halfway through the day we need another pick me up. We infuse our bodies with artificial stamina. It’s no wonder the market for energy drinks has skyrocketed. When we get off work we rush home to cook dinner, all the while checking our watches. When there’s finally a moment to sit down we tune out with television. We’re charging through life at speeds we struggle to keep up with.

We have become so far removed from our roots that we’ve forgotten what truly matters in life.


Love. Unity. Freedom. Relationships.

You have the power to take charge of your life. You’ve always had a choice. Take a moment for yourself. It doesn’t matter the length; what’s important is that a single step begins when you decide that change is needed.



 I challenge you to go an entire day without a watch. Remember what it’s like not being controlled by an abstract conception. I challenge you to be aware of your surroundings. Cultivate a relationship. Smile at a stranger. Turn off your television and have a meaningful conversation. Share yourself with someone.

I challenge you to take time out for yourself, because you matter.