Shane Krogen – Forever In Our Hearts and Trails


Shane Krogen was an amazing individual. He was more than a colleague, a boss, a mentor, a husband, and a friend… he made you feel like a part of his family. A family that stretched far and wide and grew with every new person he met; regardless of if you were blood related or not.  Shane had a way of making people feel loved. When you were around him, he made you feel like you belonged. Shane exuded a love and passion that was tangible to everyone he encountered.

Shane Krogen had a passion for nature. As the founder of the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew he made it his mission to protect our precious backcountry. I first met Shane after I had completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail; a trail which Shane and his volunteers had spent thousands of hours maintaining over the years. My first impression of Shane was that of a lovable, high energy man who spoke my language. His enthusiasm for the outdoors was beautiful and it radiated through him when he spoke of the backcountry (which was all the time). I immediately gravitated towards my fellow outdoor enthusiast; as most everyone does.


Shane worked closely with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Forest Service, the Sherifs Department, and many other organizations; making new friends and family where ever he went. It takes a special kind of person to open a Non-Profit and freely volunteer his precious time, labor, and energy. Shane did this because it’s what he loved and he wanted these beautiful trails to be around for many generations to come. He wanted everyone to be able to experience and treasure the splendor that our backcountry possesses.

shane tractor

 Shane’s love and humility poured out openly to everyone and everything around him. Shane will forever be remember in our hearts and memories. Let us continue to fulfill the dreams he had about protecting and preserving our beautiful land. Let us carry on in his footsteps and let his legacy be portrayed through our efforts to keep his vision alive.


Let us remember Shane when we step out on the trail. Let us hear is laugh when the birds start to sing. Let us recall his smile as the warm sun shines down upon us. Let us reminisce about his ability to bring the water when the first raindrops start to fall. Let us feel his loving embrace as the wind dances by us, reminding us to keep moving forward and following our dreams. Let us never forget the love and humility that Shane Krogen had and let us each carry on in his footsteps. No matter how long, steep, windy, or overgrown the trails ahead may be, let us call to mind Shane and his amazing ability to procure results and let that carry us forward.


Shane you will be missed. Thank you for being YOU! We love you. Your hard work and dedication to not only our backcountry, but also our loved ones will always be cherished and remembered. My love goes out to all the members of Shane’s family; family in all sense of the word.  The memorial service was beautiful and it was a joy seeing everyone whose lives Shane had touched.

Thank you for everything Shane! May we continue to carry on your fight, passion, and love for not only the outdoors, but also our neighbors, friends, and family. We love you!