Fun Love

Two Galexies as One - NASA

The joy that I am
Belongs to us all
For what is a man
With nothing to call

I flow through the living
Of which we are whole
I am the giving
Without any toll

The secret you know
Its hiding is done
I’ve waited in love
To start with our fun

Love is eternal
It flows throughout all
The stream of vibrations
Breaking down walls

Limits are false
Boundaries are null
Spirit is true
Living in you

Why the discomfort
Perfection is pure
The stars are the heavens
Ignited in hue

Embrace your whole being
Emotions and all
Intelligence is many
Spark and stand tall

Feel our energy
Expand and entwine
The future of sound
Flows into the ground

Sounds are emotion
Emotion is whole
Include the relation
Vibrations in full

Words they fall short
Tomorrow we touch
The field of all being
Without any crutch

Love is creation
Of which I am proud
Love is elation
Soar through the crowd

We are the many
We are the one
We are the only
Rise be undone.

Universe - Nasa

October 21st 2017


A Memory – Formless Creation

I was sitting in my rocking chair one day, working, when I had one of the most vivid memories I had had yet. To this day, almost a year and a half later I can recall every detail, texture and emotion of this particular memory. This was my first (of many) experiences with the vast emptiness…with perfection.

June 18th 2016

A Memory

Back and fourth, back and fourth, the squeaky gliders of my wooden seat are hushed by the loving embrace of the soft fibers they rest upon. My hands are laced with a pungent green sheen. The dust upon them produces glassy-eyed smiles from millions of every generation world-wide. I myself am not a fan. But I send so much love and laughter into each stroke of my blade that I can feel my vibrations surge though its users with every inhale. This I like. It’s almost noon. Not like this matters. Time is but an illusion created by man in an attempt to forget his true nature. Or perhaps not to forget, but as a means of re-remembering. Silly humans. It’s only a game and sooner or later in losing you’ll see that you’ve finally won. The sun hits the top of my roof and I can almost hear the heat waves dancing joyously atop the house. It is then I remember. My mind travels fast and nimble to the sacred space from which it originated. Re-living the scene laid out in front of me I smile. My eyes peer out at the confines of my room, but I’m visually witnessing an entirely different scene. There’s a vast emptiness- but strangely it’s full – of what I can’t see yet, maybe that’s the point. It’s the beginning before creation exists. Only God knows – in which case I must be right. I’m with another being – The Creator – The One. Yet there is no physical presence of myself or any other being. I’m watching the scene from all angles. A full 360 degree rotation, but my viewpoint is not limited to the outer world. I see the unraveling from my “eyes” as well. Unraveling from within. In the vast blackness (which has a daylight glow centered around us) I watch. “I’m” laughing – with the purest of joy imaginable – or unimaginable- I don’t feel as if I’m in another universe/plane/planet etc. I feel at home. I’m at the center of it all. The beginning, middle and end – for they all exist simultaneously within the only “time” that ever exists – the now. There is such joy in my heart. It radiates throughout eternity – throughout the now. Just Me and God. God and Me. Joined as Eternal One. Love is the heartbeat which pulses into the furthest reaches of it all. I’m creating. We’re creating. Of what I haven’t the slightest of clues. I take the color pink (a pink mixed with purple) a hue my human eyes have never quite seen before, and splash it into the vastness of our existence along the glowing black, dare I say void, because it is so full of…. of… it’s the most full, empty blackness I’ve ever witnessed. God’s laughter soars through me and presents itself as my own. Yet there is no eye of which to see nor mouth of which to laugh. Which makes complete sense since We ARE God. “We” float there, in time and space, laughing and loving and showering everything we can’t yet see with this magnificent color “Pinkish Purpleish.” The memory is simple, yet is says everything that ever was said. God is creation. We are God. We are Creation. Unbound, free, full of nothing but a joy more pure than a child’s. Creating the most meaningful and glorious creation there ever was, is and will be. The memory is so pure. Intact forever. It’s been seared into the mind of Sara and who ever else will read this. … I sit up straight in my rocker. I laugh. This is only a small taste of the infinite possibilities. Humans are a direct manifestation of God. A creation always evolving and creating more – for its our very nature. This is NOT a dream- my human inclinations are 100% positive of this. They feel it deep in their marrow. This is a waking memory and I can’t wait to have more. I am yours. I surrender. Use me to spread all – ALL! – Love, Joy, Strength, Unity, Peace, Gratitude, Safety, Compassion, Wholeness, Laughter, Serenity… LOVE! To every living/“non-living” (although “non-living” is a falsehood that doesn’t exists) EVERYTHING! Use me. I am Yours – because I am Mine and I am You, and You are Me. We are Us and Us is “I.” “ONE” in the same.

With infinite love and laughter


Ludovico Einaudi – A Spiritual Experience

For many years I have loved and deeply appreciated the genius musical creations of composer Ludovico Einaudi . A week ago, I was fortunate to experience the totality of his artwork in person while he performed in Costa Mesa at the Segerstrom Center. Witnessing Einaudi create and mold sound energy which transcends time and space was an extremely spiritual experience.

Sound has the beautiful ability to go beyond the constraints of the audible sector and extend into all other facets of the psyche – whether we realize its presence or not. I see and feel energy. As a result, Ludovico’s performance was especially enlightening. The sound he emits has such depth and heart. It dives deep into the conscious mind and invigorates the Spirit. There is a connectedness he stimulates which coincides with all thoughts and feelings. Not only in the human experience, but also those which encompass our living environment. That is to say, the vibrations his music creates permeate into every “structure” in the vicinity. The air moves, the ground vibrates, thus going deep into the core of the Earth and extending out into all life. His sound waves openly flow into everything. The air tingles and shivers with both audible and visible sound.

When I witness Einaudi play, I visually see the sound waves moving through “open air.” Each note has a different structure of vitality. These structures mimic, that is to say they emit the same vibrations as our emotions. Each individual note played is a variation or degree of human emotion. The more in-tune you are with all of your emotions, the greater ability and variational depth, music has to “speak” to you. His melodic sequencing caresses the entire emotional realm in a way that brilliantly produces a deeper and more wholesome state of emotions. Well-rounded music has the ability to not only enliven emotions, but also to grown and help them evolve. This is done not only by the audible sound of music, but also the vibrational frequencies sound emits. Sound aka vibrations aka energy flows around you, if you are open, you can allow those frequencies to permeate into your energy field so you too are vibrating at the same level of emotion that the music is evolving. You then become one with the sound… one with the vibrational emotion. You begin to radiate and pulse with the music, you are no longer separate, rather you have integrated your being with the vibrational emotions being created. For what is sound but the vibration of waves permeating into consciousness, of both living and “non-living” entities thus creating and enhancing life.

The visual:

I sat facing the stage from a box seat. I was looking down upon the gathering of listeners and creators. I opened my palms and placed them in front of me, toward the stage, so I would be the most receptive to receiving and amplifying energy. I took off one of my heels and placed my bare foot against the wall so I could feel the vibrations of sound through a solid medium. This is the manner in which I experienced the entire concert.

Ludovico Segerstrom Centre Box 27

Ludovico Einaudi – Elements Tour PC: Jubel

It was beautifully captivating to observe the visual nature of sound when it interacted with each individual member of the audience. The vibrations of the sound Ludovico would create would dance through the air towards people. Once it “hit” an individual it would transform their energy field so it was “dancing” with the rhythm of Ludovico and his accompanying band. Instead of having a room full of very specific individual auras, once the sound would reach someone it would evolve the “individual” aura to the same vibration and expression of the music being played. The anxious nature that sometimes is present in crowds was transformed into a single energy source which radiated and pulsed in harmony. The unity of complete balance among an individualized audience was absolutely magnificent to witness. It was as if you could see people’s bodies ebbing and flowing in union with sound.

There were a few people in the audience who allowed their energy to soar and expand outside of their immediate body. The visible energy of these folks would glide in spirals (think of DNA strands) above. Those spirals (our spirals) were all connected to one another as if they were seeking out individuals with the same nature of exploration (creation). Upon meeting, our DNA spirals would soar through the room (extending through the ground and roof) and create an even brighter gleam of light. I amplified this pure light to expand through space. I dually saw the band and audience below as well as our energy permeating through the ground and extending into and across the Earth. From the core to the crust I witnessed the wonderful signature of Einaudi enhance the vibrational energy field. I saw strands of spirals encompassing and blanketing the Earth and surrounding universe over and over in the most intricate infinite designs.

There were parts/scenes/acts during the concert where the majority of the audience would get fitful. That is to say that there was suddenly a mass movement. People would fidget in their seats uncomfortably. Generally, this happened when the band would pair “unlikely” notes together. Since each note is a varying degree of emotion, those who were less in-tune with themselves became visibly uncomfortable. It was nothing short of stunning to witness. It seemed the deeper an individual was (consciousness, intuition, love) the more still they were able to remain. Absolutely fascinating.

There are many people who interpret Ludovico’s art as “dark and moody.” While I definitely understand that aspect. I take it deeper. To me, his music is rooted deep in the Earth. The “darker” it seems the more grounded it is. It sounds like soil, magma, roots, and rocks buried under the crust of our planet. The “lighter and happier” his music sounds the more heavenly and universe oriented it became. It would float into the wind and through water. The sounds would spin through the atmosphere and into space. His notes would twinkle and sparkle. Ludovico is capable of conveying the depth of thought and emotional expression into sound which transforms energy fields so the listener is “hit” with the same sentiment of passion.

Seeing and feeling the magnitude of emotional expression made me think a lot about the dumbing-down of society. Generally, mainstream music contains surface notes. The chorus is monotonous in the sense of using only a few keys to express itself. When certain chords are used over and over the listener doesn’t experience the wide array of emotions or vibrations. Music is becoming mundane. This beautiful art is expression. When we have a culture stuck in arrested development it is audibly apparent through the type of musical outlets we identify with. Play around with the scale, incorporate flats, sharps, drop an octave. Take it deep and be bold. The more your are able to express and feel the more well-rounded you become. Not just as a musician, but in every facet of your life. Music has the ability to transform and change. Music awakens and enlivens the human condition. Music is one of the many geniuses of the Mind.

Listen. Feel. Become. Create.

Ludovico Einaudi Live at the Itune Festival 2013

Ben, Lyz, Myself and Jubel

Ludovico Crew. Thank you for being a part of this incredible experience with me. I love and value you all!

Expanding into Non-Dual

Throughout my life, I’ve desired to share my unabridged thoughts and viewpoints with the world, but I refrained because I didn’t want people to lash out upon me. There are many reasons people may do this: fear, misunderstanding, it challenges their beliefs, the unknown may appear daunting and their evolution of consciousness hasn’t expanded yet, etc. However, I’ve been “in the point of no return” for many years and I feel the utmost necessity to divulge my experiences. The intricacies and elegance of the trajectory I am on deepen and expand at a pace that defies the common definitions of space and time.

My next few posts are going to be my direct experiences. They will not necessarily be published according to the order in which they occur. These are the highest truths from a perspective that is Sara. Although the deeper I rise, the less Sara I become… and I am absolutely IN LOVE with Our evolution.

I understand many of the topics I am going to be addressing may be a handful. I urge you to have an open mind. One’s ability to comprehend the universe within them is directly correlated to their capacity of openness. Ask yourself deeper questions. Discover the unknown. These are my calls to consciousness.


I have a beloved friend whom frequently takes both roles of Student and Teacher. To my knowledge, he is the one human who understands me the fullest in this world. He is the first one I desire to share my experiences with. Among an infinite list, he is my sounding board and confidant. I am elated we sauntered into one-another’s lives 5 years ago. I am eternally grateful for the existence that is you.

The experience I’m about to describe happened almost 2 years ago. There have been MANY new experiences since then.


Lucid dreaming is a state in which the dreamer is aware they are dreaming. There can be many different degrees of lucid dreaming. The event in which I am about to describe is, in my opinion, either a new level of lucidity or an entirely new realm which has evolved upon the dream state.  For lack of a new word which adequately describes my experience, I am going to remain with the term “lucid dreaming.”

Over the years of my numerically short life, I have intimately felt the powers of positive and negative. That is to say, forces that emit either a loving or turbulent energy. When I was a little girl, I would frequently feel the oppressive force of what some may deem the “supernatural” ie evil. I was brought up Catholic, thus my understanding was limited to God (Man in the sky), Heaven (ultimate life after death- perfection) and Hell (evil underground tomb where all things bad reside). My dreams would often reflect the positive and negative energies I felt but interpreted as heaven and hell.

About 2 years ago, I had a “lucid dream” where Good and Evil are at war. It was chaotic. It was set in space – as we interpret our solar system to appear. This was another realm where angels and demons exist. In this vast openess, I was witnessing the battle ensuing. Angels were being knocked down. Demons were falling. As I was watching, I needed to know more. I said, “I know there’s good and bad. I know this realm exists. But where is This realm originating from? What is the source that created this dimension?” I watched as all of the angels had a magnificent golden-yellow sheer BRIGHTNESS radiating outwards from their beings. I myself had the same energy field. The angles would never “fall” during the battle. When one got “wounded” the others energy field (for lack of a better word) would wrap itself around the “wounded angel” and they’d all pick “it” up. The angels are not gender specific. But rather more of a being presence that transcends human gender roles. I reached out and the greatness of our energies connected with one another thus creating one giant being instead of the individuals that were previously present. This is the moment I wondered about the source of this realm.

As soon as “my” question was conceived I was taken “up” to the source. God itself. There was no “good” and “bad.” This was Non Dual. It was the most incredible experience I had had thus far. It was absolute knowing, feeling and being. It was absolute truth. God appeared as this vast energy Source. More powerful than anything… ever. For years, I had intimately known about non-dual and the game we’ve all been enlisted to play. But I had yet to actually witness Source. There are no words to describe it… only feelings… which are much more powerful. The feeling was of complete ease and peace. The most pristine peace imaginable (or unimaginable). This was Perfection. My physical form ceased to exist. It was as if I was looking into a mirror at myself. A mirror which reflected creation. The creation of absolutely everything – words, paintings, thoughts, feelings, nature, civilizations, energy, positive, negative, EVERYTHING. I was God witnessing God.

When I “woke up,” although I was never really asleep in the normal sense, all I wanted was to talk to my dear friend. I often live in places with zero cell reception or internet so I had to wait. Since everything happens exactly as it should, this was fine. When I was finally able to call him and relay my most recent experience it felt wonderful being able to confide in another human who understands the process happening and didn’t think I was a complete kook.

I am fairly reserved with who I tell these experience too, seeing as how most people are completely unaware of the nature of creation and God Ourselves and therefore My experiences would inevitably be taken in a different manner based on others level of consciousness. But it’s becoming impossible not to share. To keep quiet is to deny and limit growth and expansion.


“If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.” – Bukowski

For years now, I’ve conveyed to a few close friends how quickly “I” change. Most people are aware that you are different at 18 then at 25 and so on. But what I’m referring to is MUCH different. I can consciously feel myself changing drastically day to day and often hourly. Now, these are not always monumental changes. But as my awareness grows and I expand upon thoughts and ideas (often from witnessing how the earth/universe interacts with itself) I’m very much a different “person” when I go to sleep than when I woke up. I am married to the evolution of consciousness.

I’ve always desired to interact with others who are similar to myself. Others who live in Our Consciousness together. Compared to the general populace, so very few of us currently exist. People who intimately understand that we are all God and we are all the Same, yet beautifully unique in the human experiences we’re having. And still, the deeper up I explore, the less human (the less Sara) I become.

A couple weeks after my “lucid dream” I underwent (or “upper”went) a 14 day long-haul where I experienced everything from God’s perspective. It was as if I was looking down at the human experience I was having without actually being immersed IN the human experience. It was the most incredible thing. Yet, it was somewhat interesting because I didn’t feel the same emotions or connections that “Sara” would normally have. I had the acute awareness of being profoundly proud of everything I had created.

I would visually see “Sara” floating down the river (literally, I was zen boating/innertubing/white water rafting the Trinity River) yet I was radically in awe at the river I had created, the trees and shrubbery along the banks, the way the light of the sun interacted with the natural world. I felt a deep sense of pride for the intrinsic majesty of all my creation. I felt love and admiration for Sara as an individual. I felt all of me displaying itself in so many unique and perfect ways. I felt the many perspectives of my creations from the way water felt to have Sara atop, to the breeze blowing through the leaves, and the way sunlight felt when it warmed everything in my path. In all senses of the word, it was divine.

I, Sara, had to try with great concentration to actually experience the high-adrenaline nature of the events I engaged in. I had to focus with all my energy to actually have the human experience. Needless to say, I spent 99.99% of those 14 days from God’s (our) true perspective.

Over the past 2 years, my experiences have intensified, elongated, and transformed. Exciting events regularly occurred to the point where they’ve become my permanent state. The human understanding of Ultimate Truth, Source, Love or God is evolving. I frequently feel a ball of energy inside my chest that is so giddy with excitement I feel as if I may actually burst. I use this energy and send it to every living thing… ever. I am consciously raising vibrations. “Sara” is filled with infinite love. Everyone and Everything already has the ability. I’m excited to share in our experiences.

With infinite love and laughter,













A Call to Consciousness

These are strange times we live in.

It is often challenging for me to be around people. Frequently, when I see humans interact, both non-verbally and verbally, I feel a deep sadness. This sadness is accompanied by a profound understanding that everything is happening exactly as it should. In the great plane of non-dual reality there is neither good nor bad. That is not to say good and evil do not exist, but merely there is another “step-up” in the succession of human consciousness which transcends “positive and negative.” Once this realization has been embraced, it is necessary to engage all rings of the ladder with the wisdom that you must let each level of consciousness play out it’s specific future.

This sadness I endure stems from watching and feeling my fellow humans remain in such chaos and despair. When I see folks interact with one-another in a manner anything less than pure love, I feel the weight of separation further fueling our divorce from one another, and thus their estrangement from the Whole. The Whole has many different names: God, Source, Spirit, Energy, Vibes, etc. We are all connected on a level that is rooted much deeper than family, race, religion and humanity… all of life is connected. Many people intellectually identify with this truth, yet there is a drastic difference in understanding these connections versus feeling them. This detachment from the Whole (from us as living entities) creates a distress which often radiates an energy of hostility. This in turn molds into many different forms, from the inability to relate and listen to one another’s opinions, to the outward expression of judgment and violence. People then try and force one another to “see” their reality – which is almost always skewed by the fallacy of individuality and ego. This is not to say that individuality and ego do not exist, merely once you understand the misinterpretation you can healthily re-create your life with these human tendencies.

More often than not, I am able to focus on the positive nature of this universe despite the many perils humanity causes themselves. Yet, this deep sadness is becoming ever more present in my life with the prevalence of global awareness via media capabilities. As humans, we are able to witness the gross human rights abuses taking place in all nations around the world. And still, my sadness goes deeper than the human abuses. I feel the same degree of heartache for our lack of compassion for animals and the environment which we grow from… the natural world. But to fix and expand our compassion it seems we must first practice the ability of love and empathy with things we identify with (in this case since we are humans – our fellow brothers and sisters).

I notice a monumental polarization taking place. The amount of turbulence radiating from opposing “groups” is reassuring. More often than not, change is met with a certain hesitancy and recoil. Yet, the objection and vacillation of change in relation to personal integrity is (currently) the most systematically prevalent way of accomplishing a paradigm shift. While I am not certain why change is frequently met with such opposition when most folks claim to be “open” and “enjoy learning new things,” I do acknowledge that this polarization and backlash has it’s rightful place in the present design of understanding.

However, this understanding does not lessen my sorrow. I see a red, white and blue nation at arms with one another over basic human rights. I see the people of Catalan being brutalized over the right to gain independence. I see homosexuals being bullied and brutalized over the most fundamental natural expression of love. I see natives and minorities being treated with hatred and disdain. I see the country I was born in denying aid to others and turning their back on folks in time of need. I see people in Palestine being murdered and having their basic human liberties revoked. I see people’s greed for unsubstantial myths (such as money) overriding the most vital call to action in protecting our planet from man-made devastation. I see many things which cause me immense anguish. But more importantly, I feel these atrocities being committed on ourselves.

Everything is connected. Our thoughts become reality. Our reality dictates the outside world we’re encompassed in. There are many different realities, all of which hold the same importance and truths for those experiencing them. It seems the most realistic way of moving forward in a world suffocating in desolation is for individuals to be open. Being open means listening to opposing viewpoints. However, it goes deeper than listening. If you truly want to listen, you must also understand. You must immerse yourselves in another view point so much so that you can identify with the contrasting idea. You can feel the way your rival feels. We are all teachers and we are all students. There is an infinite realm of education which we have the ability to learn as well as teach others – given they are open to listening.

Listen. Engage. Question. Understand. Feel. Change.

I can see many different paths. I can see many different outcomes. The more you change for the positive, the more you inadvertently encourage others to change through your vibrational frequencies. We are all connected.

It is often challenging for me to be around people. I find myself changing day to day and often hour to hour. Change is a necessary (and welcome) part of my evolution. I crave the connections which most cannot fathom. I crave conversations in which I don’t have to explain my perspective. I yearn for the day when we collectively raise our expanding consciousness and limitations dissolve. I anxiously await the awakening of this planet.

These are strange times we live in.

With love,


Meditation: Energy in our Society


I frequently have incredibly exciting life-events that take place in relation to my spirituality. There are very few people I feel comfortable sharing my accounts with. A few months ago, I had yet another very invigorating experience. I meditate (almost) every day. During this particular meditation I gave myself a front row seat to energy in our society and I feel compelled to share it with you.

The beginning of my meditations always begin the same. “I open myself to all the good and positive energies of the universe. I need your help. There is no such thing as separateness. I can spread more love with the talents and abilities of ALL than of a solitary entity. We are One. And as One, I ask you to use me and work through me to spread all the love, peace, joy, happiness, truth, courage, strength, and LOVE LOVE LOVE imaginable. I am open. Please use me for positivity and love. I cannot do this alone – because there is no such thing as singularity. We are one, just as we always have been.”

All of my meditations begin with the above request – “all energies centered in love and positivity use me, I am open.” My next step is very visual. I envision myself floating above our earth in outer-space. Goldish-Yellowish- very BRIGHT shimmers of light/energy spread from my floating body and encompass the entire world. I bathe absolutely everything with this energy. I go into every single person and “hug” their heart with love. I see my bright aura pulse and dance inside them as it radiates outward and continues to spread throughout not only Earth, but the entire universe. This is how my meditations begin. Every session takes its own path. And on this particular day, I was in for an extra special treat.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.39.51 PM

Artwork: Cameron Gray

In normal (non meditation state) day to day living, I see and feel energies…I can see and feel the vibrations put off by all organisms. When walking by trees or plants I see their specific signatures as they all intertwine with everything around them. My energy dances and plays with the root systems, the birds, the leaves, the wind and water. All signatures overlap and weave in out and of each other. I feel their “feelings” and I am able to see how far their energetic fields reach. This is the life I see on a daily basis. This is a glimpse into my world.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.36.09 PM

Artwork: Artist Unknown

But, while doing this particular meditation of sending and sharing pure true love with the entire world and universe, I was suddenly honed in to the flow and communication of energy. “I” was no longer above the earth in our universe. Nor was I reduced to pure light, which happens the deeper I take my meditation. This time I was Source. I was flawlessly all energy. Picture a nature movie on fast forward. You see vast savannahs, oceans, prairies, forests, and all living creatures moving past you at staggering speeds. Imagine root system everywhere and how they connect to one another. Imagine neuropathways transmitting signals through the brain. Imagine all the roots connecting and radiating their vitality. I got a front row seat watching how energy flows freely from all life. I was the energy. I was the roots and the trees, the wind and rain, the ocean and forests, and everywhere I went these roots or pathways connected one thing to another. Everything was interconnected and there was no separation. Now this in and of itself wasn’t  a rare session for me. I’ve had this type of experience quite a few times. But what happened next was different.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.50.40 PM

Artwork: Artist Unknown

As I was flowing freely across the vast open natural world, the speed at which I was traveling slowed down at the outskirts of city life. The closer I got to the city itself the more my reach was concentrated. My energy didn’t flow freely through the land. It came to a halt. The root systems which I use to flow through were paved over with cement. Sidewalks and streets had taken over my ability to communicate freely with life. There was a barrier between us. People had unknowingly placed themselves in concrete prisons which made them unable to feel the unity and harmony that life genuinely has. They no longer had access to dirt, bugs, birds, clean water, wildflowers, wind… the wild beauty of life had been removed.There were trees placed in holes in the sidewalks but our energetic reach was suspended as they became detached from the natural world surrounding them. The people couldn’t feel me because they had quite literally lost touch with nature… they had lost touch with me. When people live in cities they are unable to feel the free nature of energy as it is intended.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.33.51 PM

Artwork: Cameron Gray

When my meditation ended I was very excited. When I have these types of experiences I feel as if the ball of energy inside my chest will explode. I feel like I could bounce off walls. I feel like I can bounce through walls. I’ve known firsthand for many years that when people live in cities they cut themselves off from source, from nature, from me. It’s no mystery why people feel secluded and alone. When we live so much of our lives fractured from the purity and freedom of nature we begin to show signs. These feelings of separateness and isolation from the world will only continue to grow if people don’t embrace and reconnect with the natural and wild spaces we belong to. These spaces exist not only outside of us, but most importantly inside. We all belong. We are all one. This world we live in belongs to all living creatures. And despite human destruction of wilderness, we live together in harmony. There is an ebb and flow that constantly radiates like the ocean waves over all living things. There is an energy which lies in each of us, an energy that creates freely and flawlessly, and we are that energy.

We are all one. We are all connected. Get out and play in YOUR natural world.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.02.45 PM

My buddy Graham Kelly @northbound_driftwood


I Am You

I have a secret I’m ready to share. The past has held it tightly. I knew one day the time to play would call for me to answer. I am more than what you see. More of you and more of me. The truth is that I SEE, I FEEL, I UNDERSTAND…more than anyone I’ve known or heard. The series of my life unfolds to cast a brilliant novel. The space I travel, the things I’ve witnessed…Divine we are entwined. I’ll tell my story, my Eye’s view of the universe that I experience. The change in me will always be a gem who’s not forgotten. I love this life, I love this path, I love to feel it all. The pain, the hurt, the cries,the dirt, the joy we do emit. My course in Divinity has been within, the true teachings I have taught. Because I am you and you are me and God is all I see.Together we are one for all from trees to mountain tops. Together we are sharing love along the river locks. I’ll share my life with you to see the freedom that awaits. I hope to wake the pulse within. Stop pounding other’s stakes. The further down this path I walk, the less I hold my stance. For Sara dear the time is here. I’ve let go, embraced it all. If losing me is what I’ll be, then found I have become. Now if you wish to dance and sing I’ll give my life to you. The silence has been broken. The tune is unity. I’ll share my visions. I’ll share my thoughts. I’ll share the universe within. I’ve jumped off the cliff and on the wings of trust I soar. There’s so much more… there’s so much more…