Line of Work

“If you need help, all you have to do is ask.” 

 There are no limits. Here are some examples of what I do:

  • Taking the elderly to run errands/doctors appointments because they can no longer drive
  • Painting a porch for a neighbor
  • Watching children because the parents had a last minute vital obligation
  • Helping build cattle fence
  • Cooking dinner for a family because the parents had to work late
  • Having tea and making a connection with lonely “neighbors”
  • Renovating a house with the new “expecting” tenants
  • Mowing a lawn because the owner of the house recently had surgery

 There are no restrictions to this concept. It’s simple; If you need help all you have to do is ask. It’s more than just stepping into someones life. It’s cultivating a relationship. It’s showing people that they are not alone. It’s breaking the barriers we’ve built around ourselves. It’s letting people in.

I operate strictly on donations.

It’s not about money. It’s about doing what you love and following your passion. It’s about showing others that they are important. It’s about creating a family in a world that has become so far removed we don’t know our own neighbors. It’s bringing back a sense of community. It’s paying it forward.

How did this begin?

In the past I’ve held many job. I’ve worked in a variety of fields. I’ve done everything from a sales associate for Victorias Secret, to a T-Ball coach, and a Waitress, to a Personal Assistant. However, there was a common trend I found. No matter what field I was in, there was a sense of inequality. There was someone looking down on me; someone thinking they were better than.

I decided to take my life into my hands. I wanted to help people on a personal level. I wanted to be viewed as not only an equal, but also as a friend.

I decided to operate on donations because I don’t like how money interferes with relationships. I want to help people because it’s what we should be doing. It doesn’t matter what your social standing or financial position is. It’s about helping someone in need, and lending a hand to your neighbor. It’s about love; and in love there are no boundaries.

“If you need help, all you have to do is ask” 

One thought on “Line of Work

  1. Hey Sara! I admire you for taking on the road less-travelled and for helping people along the way.

    I do hope that you get enough and consistent donations to enable you to do what you love doing and inspire others too. I can only imagine how life may be tough for you on some odd days.

    Like you, I’ve been to many other jobs as well that I don’t find fulfilling but because I had to provide for my family, that’s why I keep on keepin’ on. And like you, I also love helping people, like what I did in serving people through various volunteer works. I blogged about it here

    Keep on writing and keep living life to the full! 🙂


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