Great Himalaya Trail 2017

Coming 2017 I will embark on the biggest and most challenging trek yet! I’m going to thru-hike the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal.


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This trek will be done with the “thru-hiker” philosophy – light and fast. I will be self-supported without a porter or guide. This is extremely uncommon upon the Nepali trekking customs.

Starting the beginning of April I will begin my thru-hike over the 1,200 mile High Route. It will take me roughly 2-3 months (read:75 days) to complete. I am thrilled to be one of less than 10 people to thru-hike the GHT High Route (self supported) in a single season. With the help of previous GHT hikers and the trail’s creator – Robin Boustead I know I’m in good hands.

The Great Himalaya Trail will undoubtedly be the most physically challenging adventure I’ve set off on. Reaching heights of over 20,000 feet this trek is going to be EXTREMELY demanding both physically and mentally.

I’ve faced (and continue to face) many challenges in my young life, but I tackle them all head on with my trademark positive attitude and perpetual smile. From Traumatic Brain Injury to Malignant Melanoma I don’t let anything slow me down or hinder my dreams. The Great Himalaya Trail is another challenge that I’m eager to face while sharing my experiences with our community. I’m disputing the perception of what people with disabilities are capable of. My feats such as the Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail are just two small testaments to my quest of eliminating boundaries and pushing ourselves despite labels others may place on us.

I am beyond thrilled to face this new adventure donned with a smile and an open heart. Please feel free to share my GHT hike. The more publicity gained the more lives I’m able to touch. I hope to show people through my actions that we should never surrender our dreams – no matter how crazy they may be. Live the life you’ve always imagined and join me on this unique undertaking.

There have been some who want to help out with this endeavor. Click on this link to donate, or go to the “Donate” tab at the top of this page. The money will go towards my permits, gear, and food. Any donation, no matter how small or big is greatly appreciated! You’ll even receive a personal postcard if you email me your address:  

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“The Great Himalaya Trail is one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world. Winding beneath the world’s highest peaks and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth, it passes through lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and incredible landscapes.

The trail covers the full distance of the Himalayan Range in Nepal from the district of Taplejung in the East to Humla and Darchula in the West and ultimately continues through Tibet, India and Myanmar in East of Nepal and Tibet, India and Pakistan in the West.

Nepal’s GHT is divided into ten connecting treks with a duration of 2-3 weeks each on average. The treks can be done subsequently or completely separate from each other. Besides, each GHT section features a number of side-treks of varying duration and difficulty, some of which require camping equipment and others that can be done teahouse style. With numerous trekking options and new tourism attractions, each GHT section forms a distinct trekking and adventure destination within itself.

Trekkers can choose between two routes. Nepal’s GHT high route is winding through high mountain ranges on an average altitude of 3000 to 5000 metres, providing for breath-taking views on the country’s towering peaks. Along the GHT low route, often referred to as the cultural route, tourists will get the chance to visit small communities and villages and learn about the culture and traditions of Nepal’s various ethnic groups.”

The High Route

“Trekking along the GHT high route makes for an unforgettable adventure and the trip of a lifetime.

The trail stretches over a distance of about 1,700 km and passes through spectacular, high altitude mountain landscapes, visiting some of the most remote villages on earth, where life remains as it was centuries back.

Trekking along the GHT high route requires to cross high passes with altitudes up to 6,146 m and the whole trek takes about 150 days on average. Proper trekking gear and mountaineering equipment is needed and anyone attempting this trek should be physically fit and have trekking and ideally some mountaineering experience. For safety, a local mountain guide who knows the terrain is definitely recommended especially in high altitudes.Due to the remoteness of the trek, camping is required for most parts of the adventure and it is necessary that you (or your porter) carry a tent, food and cooking equipment. But what could be better than pitching your tent surrounded by the mighty snow-capped Himalayas and sleeping under the star lit sky?

Nepal’s high route starts north of the Kanchenjunga Base Camp and ends in Hilsa at Nepal’s Tibetan border in the Western district of Humla.”

Join me on this incredible adventure!

21 thoughts on “Great Himalaya Trail 2017

  1. Hi Sara, my father and I are going to be attempting the Great Himalaya Trail starting in late February 2016. We are planning to take a more cruisy 120 days to complete the trip. If you were interested I though it might me useful to touch base before our trips. My email is
    Tim Budd

  2. Hi Sara!I love your blog and I think you are such an inspiration. I am also taking after you and Michelle Landry as I am planning a solo through hike of the Great Himalaya Trail Trail in October, although I will be executing the Low Route. I am also an avid explorer, and I have travelled and lived in Tanzania, Thailand, Laos, and rural Canada. Like you, I share a love of trekking and am excited to begin my journey on the John Muir Trail in a few weeks. I love that I am reading about more female travellers who are willing to break the status quo and travel solo. I was wondering if you have any advice for me, or are willing to share any support. I would love to communicate with you further, and I look forward to reading updates about your travels.

  3. Hi Sara! I love your blog, you are such an inspiration. I have been planning to take after you and Michelle Landry by undertaking a solo through hike of the Great Himalaya Trail’s, although on Low Route in October. I am also an avid explorer, having travelled and lived in Tanzania, Thailand, Laos, and rural Canada. I also share your love of trekking, and I am so excited to share that I will set out on the John Muir Trail in a few weeks. I think it’s incredible to have such strong female explorers out there who are brave enough to break the status quo and go solo. I know I have always travelled alone, and I find the experience incredibly fulfilling. I was wondering if you have any advice for me, or are willing to share any support. I look forward to hearing updates about your incredible adventures, and would really appreciate the chance to communicate with you further.

  4. Hello Sara,
    Hope you are doing great and i hope you are in Nepal by this time.I just went through your blog it was so good to read and knew about your works.Since i am Nepalese citizen and I planned for same Adventure (GHT) on upcoming September 2016.Looking forward to reading all about your progress on that! If you need any help in Nepal Feel Free to reach me,i would love to work with you.
    ~Pradeep Lamichhane

  5. Hello Sara,
    My name is Tatsuya. I’m a Japanese and making a website introducing world wide hikers’ experience in Japanese. Your upcoming adventure sounds awesome and I wondered if it is OK to translate and introduce your trail journals on my blog. Please let me know what you think!

  6. Sara congrats on another great walk. You are an inspiration to many of us. You may not remember me but I am the old guy who crashed at the San Joaquin Trail Half-Marathon. I will never forget your encouragement along the way. Would like to make contact, my email is or I am on Facebook. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

  7. I hope to complete the Batchelor’s degree the same time your earn your doctorate! May God bless and direct your path. From the AT to the CDT hike your own hike and enjoy every moment of it!

    • Always! I wish you the best of luck on your thru of the AT! You’re going to have an amazing time. Just remember to be open, and take everything as it comes… and always smile (even when the hiking sucks haha cause it WILL suck) but always keep the smile cause it makes EVERYTHING so much better. HYOH! Yay hiking!! : )


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