About Sara


I’m about as independent as they come. I’ve been through more obstacles in these past 8 years than most people experience in an entire lifetime. From Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to Melanoma (Skin Cancer) I’ve been dealt a difficult hand, but with the support of friends and family I keep on keepin’ on.

I still experience pain on a daily basis (24/7) which I’ve had for the past 8 years as a direct result from my Traumatic Brain Injury. This affects my ability to lead a “normal” life. A list of symptoms directly related to this invisible injury include:

  • constant migraine-like headaches
  • severe sharp stabbing pains throughout my entire body
  • blurry vision/double vision/shaky vision
  • random numbing of my body
  • extreme light and sound sensitivities
  • seizures
  • a weakened immune system (courtesy of the cancer as well)
  • …and MANY others

Regardless of these health issues, I continue to defy what people with disabilities are capable of. The bottom line – I would rather be in pain outside in a beautiful place I adore than be in pain inside some stuffy hospital cooped up with leads attached like chains… so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

In less than 3 years I’ve logged over 10,000 miles exclusively while backpacking. Some of these trails include: Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, San Joaquin River Trail, Join Muir Trail, San Diego Trans County Trail, Ouachita Trail, and many other self-planned routes.

Come April 2017, I will become one of less than 10 people in the entire world to thru-hike the Great Himalaya Trail (High Route) in Nepal. This will be a self-supported trek. No sherpas or porters will be used. I will routinely be crossing passes of over 18,000 feet. My skill-set and backcountry knowledge are invaluable. I would never put myself in a situation I wasn’t entirely positive I could handle. I’m excited to be able to bring my readers the Himilaya Range! Subscribe to ensure you keep up with these monumental, world-class feats!

I decided to get people involved in my journey so everyone could share this experience with me. I want people to take life by the horns. To challenge “normal.” To defy the odds. To set a goal and go for it. You never know what lies around the corner, so live the life you have, while you have it!

I’ve decided that while I still have time here on this planet I’m going to follow my dreams. I’m going to LIVE my life. I want to inspire each of you to do what makes you happy. We are raised in a society that steers us away from happiness and into materialism. We chose jobs because of money. We have become so obsessed about our status that we have forgotten what truly matters. I encourage you to question. To change. To inspire.

I have moved away from the conventional pull and tug of our culture. I’m embarking on the journey of MY life. My way.

Join me.

Donate to the cause. Together we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!

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113 Responses to About Sara

  1. Autumn says:

    So excited to have found your blog! Look forward to reading more of your blog =)

  2. lillian says:

    What amazing experiences you are sharing. And I so agree — being outside and experiencing the raw beauty of nature is absolutely one of the best aspects of living. Thank you for liking my poem Parrot Fish — I do hope you’ll follow my blog. We recently returned from a month in Bermuda and hiked their Old Railway Trail — many spots gave way to breathtaking vistas of the iridescent aquamarine water, the coral reefs, and cliffs. We’ve also enjoyed incredible hikes in Bryce National Park, Grand Canyon, Hawaii’s National Volcano Park among others. Hiking is food for the soul!
    best wishes to you….Live and Love, lillian

  3. yinyangtao says:

    You are an inspiration!

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  5. Big Dog says:

    Sara – I enjoyed reading the opening to your blog and about the CDT. You are amazing and full of energy. Like you, I find the outdoors as a sanctury for health and healing. I look forward to more of your posts, adventures, and continued enthuasium. You give me strength. This blog is “worth Diving for!” ~ Efren

    • saracfry says:

      Efren, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! There’s nothing quite as soothing as Mother Nature. I’m glad you’ve been able to experience it also! Thank you so much for you sweet words! It’s the small things such as this that give ME strength and inspiration. All my best!

  6. 🙂 there is a certain good feeling that I cant put words on, knowing that I made someone on another continent smile, however briefly. It kind of made my day really. By all means, anytime you are in Ireland, I would love to share the trail with you for a while. Its always great to have some good company along the way. We do have some really nice trails but they are quite easy going. That said, there is something great about ending a days walking in the pub with good food and a pint. In the mean time I look forward to reading more of your tales.

  7. Wow, love the blog. Im both impressed with your fantastic attitude to life and jealous of the hiking trails you get to use 🙂 Living in Ireland is great in so many ways but we do not have that kind of wilderness to go hiking in. Im very tempted to go back to the states next year for some hiking and it is a toss up between hiking in washington state or trekking in nepal. You never know, maybe I will get the chance to do both. In the mean time I look forward to reading more of your blog and being jealous, in a good way, of each of your hiking stories.

    • saracfry says:

      You’re very sweet. Your words definitely brought a smile to my face. Ireland is on my list of places to go! Did you know that you guys have your own “long-trail” as well? I would absolutely love to meet up with you when my journey to Ireland surfaces. You could hike along on the trail and then you wouldn’t need to feel jealous any more! : D In the mean time I definitely recommend Nepal. WA is great and everything… but the Great Himalayan Trail is next on my list to cross off and I can guarantee it’ll be worth every second! I’m happy to have you on board! Maybe I’ll see you further down the road


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