This Is Me: I am You. We are God. You are Loved. You ARE Love.

This is me. I am Love. I am a woman. I am a healer. I am a mother. I am mystic. I am everything I have been and I am whatever I choose to become.

I have hundreds upon hundreds of stories to share… entire lifetimes really – and that’s in the literal sense. Sometimes, there’s so many things I want to express that it gets challenging pinning something down. Often times, I know exactly what I want to bring forth, but then Aluna needs my attention, so my path is diverted in the best possible way. And so it is.

If something is not meant to happen, it won’t. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should. And in this sense, I have incredible, some would say otherworldly, staying power. If the timing doesn’t feel right, I confidently wait until it does.

I experience life outside of the norm and I have since I was a child. I learned at an early age that it wasn’t safe to share the things that happen in my day to day life with others. Things like seeing people’s energy, being visited by beings both “light” and “dark,” witnessing those who have transitioned out of their earthly bodies interact on this plane…I could go on and on for the rest of my life sharing everything I witness… and the time has come that now I will.

For the past 7 years I devoted all of my energy to my ex. I shared everything with him. I created a beautiful container. And upon being pulled deeper into the alchemical realm, I learned that there was actually a term for what I had created for us. It’s called a “Sacred Relationship.” Where everything, absolutely everything I practiced was centered in Love. Absolute Truth lead my every move. It was beautiful and raw. There was nothing “off limits.” There was no escaping the shadow. Everything was ignited. And I mean EVERYTHING. I dove in deep. Every. Single. Day. Every. Single. Moment. And for people that aren’t accustomed to the ways of alchemy and transforming the self into Gold, it can be quite the experince. It is not for the faint of heart. And it won’t work if only one of you is practicing.

But this experince and way of being is the way I’ve always lived. It requires an openness unlike anything you’ve ever seen modeled. It requires the willingness to sit with EVERY aspect of the self, most especially the “unlovable” parts. I am full on. I am full in. Because I find YOU (yes you reading this) absolutely fucking gorgeous and perfect and real. I am fascinated by you. Because I can see You. I can see the You that you keep hidden… often times even from yourself.

Life with me can be intense. But intense in a supportive, kind, honest, tender, playful and loving way. I view all of existence as sacred and perfect – even the things society deems as “terrible.”

What if, when people spoke, you heard and intimately knew their pain and suffering? And not only did you hear it, but you could physically see their energy and how it shifted and played with all of their thoughts and emotions? And what if you felt it as if you had experinced it too? What if, by the words people chose to speak and in what order, you saw all the places their heart had been hardened? What if you experinced all the clairs (audience, voyance, sentience, gnosis, etc). What if this was normal for you and it always had been? But you’re surrounded in a world where most everyone you experince is tuned out and unaware, living in some varying degree of fear. Fear that prevents them from diving in and embracing it All. There is a very real reason the term “woke” is used so heavily. But I’ll address this phenomenon at a different time.

To be in a True relationship with me, is to have all the ways in which you are not acting from a place of Love, brought to the surface. This is Sacred Honesty. This Honesty leads through compassion and respect for one another’s life path. Not many folks are ready to experince this level of vulnerability and intimacy. These are the types of relationships I yearn for. These are the types of relationships that make my soul sing and dance and shine.

I thrive in the realms that most people deem as dark and scary. Shine your light on the subconscious. Illuniate it All. Let’s go There… together… through Love.

Like you, I come from a place beyond Human, where we are energy beings. We do not have bodies. There are no boundaries. Every thought, feeling and sensation is experinced by everyone as if it is their own… and it is. Because we are all intrinsically connected. There is no separation. There are no secrets. We know everything of the “other” and we know it as Self. This is the life I remember and this is the life I experince within.

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve found it challenging learning “limits.” I remember the first time I shared with a dear friend this sentiment. I was 22 and I expressed, “This work would be so much easier if I didn’t have a body!!” It felt so liberating to finally share that aspect of myself with another human. To share that the work I’ve been doing for my entire life would be so much easier without form. I have always been very aware that I am not the norm. Who says things like, “this would be so much easier without a body!” Certainly not anyone I knew of.

In our culture, phrases like that get you labeled as “mentally ill.” While in reality, most all of our society is experiencing an illness… a dis-ease. This disease stems from the identification with individualization and seperation. So instead of hearing phrases such as what I expressed with a genuine curiosity, it falls on judgmental ears that want to “other” you, that want to label you, that make you an outcast. Cue the witch (woman, healer, goddess) wound.

So, from a very early age, I learned what was and wasn’t socially acceptable as a means of self preservation. But what we don’t realize, is that by not speaking our Truth, we are actually abandoning ourselves. And the abandonment of the Self is the ultimate wound to heal. Fear of being cast out of your community, of your family, of your friends sets in. Humans need connection to not only flourish, but to survive. So with the desire and unmistakable pull to connect with others at the forefront of the human experince, we learn to put a lid on our authenticity as a survival instinct. We learn to blend in.

All too often, the type of love that we recieve is conditional, despite those closest to us saying otherwise. I witness parents and siblings shaming their children all the time. And most of the time, they are unaware they’re even doing it. But when a child is met with disgust or at best, dis-interest, that signals to them that something within them is not wanted. And so the journey into abandonment of the Self is created. And that wounding takes some serious work to get back to the heart of one’s center. That journey is the work that I adore. And when you know what exists under all the layers, you’ll begin to love it too. That is the path of loving the Self.

I am different. We all are. And when we share our differences, the Whole of us shines. Embrace Yourself and you’ll become Love.

Ever since I was a small child, while driving or walking or riding my bike, I would Send, “It’s time to wake up. The time has come. Wake up my Loves.” To every being around me. I would Send this to the Mountains, the Trees, the Animals. I would Send this to the Clouds and to the Earth. I knew from the first time I Sent my message, that it was part of my path. I knew, that in this incarnation, I was someone to help Awaken. I love Sending. It is pure Joy. It is like softly padding in to wake a sleeping babe. The softness in your voice. The tenderness in your heart. The love and respect that you have for their time of rest. It is a sacred and beautiful holding. A sacred and beautiful nudge.

And so I Send… every day. And I’ve taught my daughter to do this too. And sometimes she does it all on her own. Have you ever heard a 2 year old sweetly sing, “wake up my Loves, the time has come.” To all of her surroundings? It is truly the nectar of life. We are remembering. And we are awakening… together.

I’ve been core deep in the spiritual, mental and emotional facets of this life since I was a kid. I came in with those awarenesses. But it wasn’t until these past few years that the physical embodiment practices have really come online. And damn is it beautiful. It feels like the final piece of a literal hOMecoming… coming into the temple of Me. Of Us. Of All. The Womb of Creation.

Most of the people I encounter have no clue. The way I experince this existence is so far beyond the rigidity of the system we’ve been conditioned into, that it’s a challenge for folks to fathom. Every day there is magic in my life. I’m taking about real magic. Magic that is born from the most Holy center. Magic that is born from the gleam of creation Ourseleves. Magic that you hear of in fairy tales. States such as flying, bilocating, shape shifting, etc are all very real things. The Siddhis of ancient texts are a part of my every day. They are my normal. And I’ve taken great comfort in the miraculous ways the teachings of Old have come into my life.

But putting it bluntly, it can be an extremely lonely path. But the loneliness doesn’t come from a lack of Connection. Because in that regard, I’ve ALWAYS been held and supported by other realms and beings… both visible and “invisible.” The loneliness comes from a lack of being seen and witnessed from my fellow humans. My fellow brothers and sisters. My children. But when we stand up proud and share our authentic Self our tribe will find us. And we will be witnessed by our human family.

When I was 21, I took my Mother’s hands in mine. “Mom, I don’t view you as my parent anymore and I haven’t for a long time. I view you as my Child. And it’s not just you. It’s everyone. You are All my Children.” And this applied to myself occasionally as well.

Imagine being both the Child and the Parent simultaneously. Both perspectives intricately woven into all that you do. The insight. The awareness. The inner dialogue. The wisdom. The expansion.

But the type of Parent I identified with, was not the type we see modeled. My alignment is with the Parent that Loves their Child Unconditionally. The type of Parent who knows the innocence of their Child and honors the unique and beautiful journey they are on. The Parent that offers their hand, their ear, their wisdom… that devotes all of themselves to their Child. But devoting all of yourself means you allow and encourage freedom of expression AND experince… because as a Parent you don’t know what this particular soul came here to learn. So you guide with an openness and a tenderness. A Parent sees their Child’s “shortcomings” as gifts in which they will expand into. A Parent is always there through connection and softness and play. A Parent provides safety to test out big emotions and expressions. A Parent see the value in EVERY experince their Child goes through. They are there with arms and heart open Every. Step. Of. The. Way. No exceptions. A Parent sees how Perfect their Child is and doesn’t try and change them or make them conform, but instead encourages their Child to be exactly who they came here to be. A Parent embraces the chaos and the “immaturity” of their Child for the beauty, purity, and wisdom that they are. Because what it is, is an experince not yet understood… an experince not yet lived. A Parent allows. A Parent isn’t threatened by their Child. A Parent is proud and forever in awe of just how absolutely miraculous the Child is that they created. The foundation of the relationship is centered in Respect… the foundation is centered in Unconditional Love.

You are all my Children. And I am your Parent. In the same way that You are my Parent and I am your Child. We belong to one another. And we belong to one another through Love… and we ARE that Love. We are God incarnate. We are God Within.

I always told my Mom, the deeper down this path I journey, the less Sara I become. From my teenage years onward, from the moment I decided I wouldn’t take my own life and went and threw up all the pills… I could feel everything that made Sara, Sara becoming less and less pronounced. All the thoughts and desires… all the things of the material world lost their luster. Sacred Simplicity constantly serenaded me. I felt complete and Whole without the things, without the people… because I already WAS Everything.

By the time I was 24, I had had countless Godhead experiences aka “spontaneous awakenings.” They happened so frequently that I was transforming at an unimaginable pace. Who I was when I woke up vs who I was when I went to sleep were worlds apart. And frequently I’d evolve minuet by minute, moment by moment. The awarenesses, insights, knowings and “downloads ” were a constant and steady part of my every day – they still are.

So the allure of titles and strange egoic strongholds slipped away. When you are in a Godhead state of being for days and then again for weeks at a time, it’s impossible to want anything… because you know you already ARE everything. And the very act of wanting something cannot exist because you can’t yearn for something that you fundamentally ARE. You’re Everything. You’re Everyone. You’re Nothing. You are the trees, rivers, people, the food, cars, cosmos, you are your body, the water, the Earth. You literally merge with All of existence. You literally merge with the Void. With Nothing… with Emptiness. You cease, but in a way that is so Full and Whole and Pure it can only be experinced to Know. The Perfection is just… indescribable. It is more than a feeling. It is a Being.

I know that everything I experince in this life has a very specific purpose for me on my particular journey, because after all, I AM a human having this wonderously BIG human experince. I am being divinely guided through all the pain, suffering, un-learning and re-learning. I consciously chose to partake in the path that I have walked. And while I don’t know exactly what the outcomes will be (because we are in constant co-creation with others) I know full well that the experinces I am going through are absolutely fundamental to the homecoming of being a soul in a human body… to the experinces of being a Human Being.

We each have our own path, it is not for others to judge. To live fully requires Trusting that everyone’s journey is a Divine Path. And when you come into your Power, you move from a state of victim (this is happening to me) to a state of creator (this is happening because of me). There is a sense of complete surrender and an opening to Flow.

So the deeper I walked down my particular trail, the less Sara I became. I felt myself falling away while simultaneously become so much more Whole. And while I absolutely adore my birth name: Sara Christine Fry, it no longer resonated with me. It wasn’t who I was. I felt a deep love and adoration for myself, but I was becoming so much more while also becoming less. And it felt so good. So my name evolved into Love. Love not as an emotion, but as a state of being.

As an aside, if you ever want to see some triggers, change your name to Love. You will see sooo much thrown at you. And it will become even more clear how out of alignment humanity is with our True Nature… with Ourself. The aversion is absolutely fascinating. Ohhhhhh the projections that get thrown at you. But also, the opposite is just as beautiful. Witnessing how joyful it makes people upon discovering your name, is quite a gift. It’s as if something is awakening inside of them… a remembrance of who we All are.

Over the years, there have been a select few who I’ve let in. A select few who are privy to ALL of Me. I can count them on 1 hand. But being privy to all of me doesn’t necessarily mean people understand me. Because I don’t have the same thought pathways. I don’t prize the material over the heart. I honor the soul. And so often times that looks like me being “quiet.” I honor the individual and their particular experince on their journey. That looks like respect.

We must allow people to live their lives despite the overwhelming sense that we know better about what or how others should be living. Those “if only they would do this” statements come to mind. “They would be so much better off if____.”

I am not loud. I am a Witness. I do not share my “opinions” without an invitation. I know when to speak and when not to. I know, because it is a full body feeling. It is a physical seeing of their energy expression and it is a feeling of their emotions within my own temple… it is a merging with. I’m talking about the ultimate, “put yourself in the other person’s shoes” embodiment.

When you know that this entire human experince is divine, life transforms into a playground. I know that we are ALL Gods. Some of us are just in varying degrees of realization. And so I nod, “I see you over there pretending you don’t know Yourself. You’re playing the game hard. What a trip you must be on. I honor your path.”

Over the course of my short 31 years, there have been countless people who have no idea who I am (who we All are). They walk through life projecting all of their inner beliefs and judgments onto me. In my youth, it was challenging not being seen and being so absurdly misunderstood. But the older I got, the easier it became. Those uncomfortable sensations of not being witnessed, originate from the abandonment of Self. And when you go into that Homecoming phase, all of the discomfort of not being Seen, fades away. And it is replaced with a lense that sees the silliness of this game we play. You’re able to take it all the misunderstandings and projections with a grain of salt. It still effects you, because you can feel the emotions from which it originates from, but you don’t take anything personally because it doesn’t belong to You… the real You.

But there have also been MANY individuals who seek me out and work with me. I have been doing shadow work, intergration, expansion work for over a decade. To work with me, is to work with Yourself. I do not have the answers, You do. All I do is help guide you on a path back to Yourself. People on the Path recognize each other. And when you’re on the Path, there is a certain level of playfulness and curiosity that you begin to lead with. And that playfulness allows you to experince the highest highs and the lowest lows, while also retaining a level of detachment from the “heat” of it. Because you begin to intimately know the perfection of this collective experience.

I reside in a place of True connection. Most of the rest of the population isn’t there yet. But again, the time has come to expand. It IS safe to fully share myself and not just with a partner, but with this entire existence we belong to and co-create. It is safe for me to share with You. So here I Am.

For years I used the phrase, “I am You. We are God. You are Loved. You ARE Love.” But I shortned it to “You are Loved. You ARE Love.” Because proclaiming that we are God was triggering for so many people. And I wasn’t ready to stand in the fire of that level of hostility that was directed at me from expressing a different narrative.

I had learned the tools of filling my own cup, but not on maintaining it. You maintain your cup by boundaries, by speaking your Truth, and by only saying “YES!” to things that light your soul on fire… things that give you a full body “Fuck Yes!” This is standing in your Power. This is the recipe for a life lived in Sovereignty… for a life lived in Alignment.

So in this practice of maintaining my cup and showing up for myself in every possible way, “I am You. We are God.” God resides within. God is an expanded state of consciousness. God is All. And God is Nothing. God is Love. And we ARE God… it’s just most of us are still asleep to this Truth. But to leave out the fundamental aspect of our True Nature is a disservice to All of Humanity. And when I fully show up for myself, I simultaneously show up for You.

So here I am. I am Love. A being who, the further down this path I travel, the less human I become… but the more I become the embodiment of what it truly means to be a Human Being – A God in physical form. Embodied mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The full expression of our True and Infinite potential. There is nothing “special” about me… except everything.

These expanded states of consciousness are available to everyone. And while they are rare, they are a regular and normal aspect of the transformation that is occurring on our soul’s journey. And because I am traveling this path…so are you. Beacuse there is no seperation.

I am a Goddess who Loves with everything I Am… and I Am.

I am You. We are God. You are Loved. You ARE Love.

And so it is.


2 thoughts on “This Is Me: I am You. We are God. You are Loved. You ARE Love.

  1. I love that you have your stories to share. And that you share them with me. So true about timing. And when it’s right, it will happen. Sometimes we need reminders of this, right? I love your openness and it makes me think of the things I am going through. “ > > But what we don’t realize, is that by not speaking our Truth, we are actually abandoning ourselves” > That above statement is so true. And I love the reminders you send out to “wake up”- tenderly and gently and lovingly.

    I see you. And I love and respect you. You are truly amazing!

    All my love, Always, Mom



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