Responsibility of Sovereignty


Our ability to thrive is directly related to how tightly we cling to the past, how readily we release the ideas we have for our future, and how effortlessly we surrender and TRUST the process that awaits within.

The big picture, the reason I am here, I’ve known since I was a child. But the nuances, the details, the aspects of our life that we co-create, those are the things that have been laid to rest many times over.

My life has been a constant re-invisioning.

Creating dreams.
Watching them crumble.
Watering the ground with my tears and prayers.
Watching new life spring forth from the soil -the womb of this reality – our Heartspace.

I honor this process. I trust this process. I surrender to this process because I know. I know the infinite beauty that is present… that is waiting…that is here. I know because that infinite beauty lives within me. I Am.

This reality is maliable. When we co-create together, when we envision our future, we are stepping into a specific type of time capsule. A very particular snapshot taken of our energetic frequencies at the time. Where we are in that moment (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) dictates what our future will hold.

What time, Divine Time, really requires of us, is that in each new moment, each new snapshot, we continue creating and building on the vision within our hearts, within our minds eye. Within. We create. We flow. And we do this through the act of surrender – which IS Trust.

We are ever evolving beings. When we embrace change. When we surrender to the flow. When we release. When we let go. We are saying, “yes.” We are opening ourselves up to the state of receptivity. A state where we can be guided by our intuition – by Divine Timing.

This state is centered in the act of listening. Listening is not passive. It is an all encompassing vibration – it is a receptivity to life, to source, to God Within. Listening is something we actively do, something we attune to. It is a way of life.

There is a phrase, “who ever owns your time, owns your mind.” Our society is set up in a way that deters us from going within. We cling to “time.” This falsehood, of what time truly is. We cling to ideas. We cling to others… hoping maybe someone else will save us.

It’s written in every fairy tale, there’s archetypes for it, there’s entire branches of psychology dedicated to it…

All of these things – the “drama triangle,” the “archetypes,” the “mental disorders” arise from this clinging. This idea that life would be better if ____. This attachment we have to “things.” This polluted understanding we have of Time. What if we were given the space to allow all the thoughts, emotions and sensations to arise?

Here’s a hint. We ARE given the space. Because we are the only ones that can either grant that reality for ourselves or deny it. There is no one coming to “save” you. No hero. No parent. No partner. No friend. These are all aspects of the Self that we give our power away to. These are all “characters” that we hope will fill the void we feel inside. People we expect to heal us. And out of that expectation comes hurt, pain, and more “betrayal.” But the only one that we are truly betrayed by, is ourselves. Because we have given away our power, out of this false expectation we have that others hold the key to our happiness.

The characters in our lives cannot be the healers we need them to be. That is our job, and it is an internal one.

We must become the Parent, the Partner, the Friend, the Child. We must go into all the facets of our Self. The roles we play. And we must show up… show up for Us.

We must befriend ourselves. We must re-parent ourselves. We must allow the child to have fun…to play.

Often times we view children through a tainted lense of innocence. One that is rooted in victimhood. We view children as people that are at the hands of another -an authority figure – and to some extent they are. But we can start building a reality where we see, truly See children as the powerful beings they are – souls that have come here for a specific purpose. It is our job to hold our children as the wise souls they are. To allow them the space to Be kids. Kids that have had many past lives and experiences that energetically carry into this particular reality. It is our job to recognize their power. And to build a blueprint where kids are honored, respected, and above all, Loved Unconditionally. We create this by doing our work.

Our society doesn’t view children with power of their own. This is because as children, we felt we didn’t have power over our circumstances. Because we were told we didn’t. But we do, and we always have. But in that state of “powerlessness” we became victims. And in order for a victim to exist, it’s opposite must also be present. Cue the villain. Cue the hero. Cue a lifetime of subconsciously reenacting this cycle. Cue a lifetime of blaming others. Cue a lifetime of feeling stuck, of getting hurt, of becoming numb, of tuning out. Cue additions. Cue generational trauma. Cue the world we belong to.

What we need, are people who model a life lived in complete sovereignty – a life lived in Responsibility. A responsibility to Ourselevs. A responsibility to heal. 

We heal internally, but to truly Heal we must be in community. We must be seen. We must be held. We must be supported. Not because we expected others to do this for us. But because when true Sovereignty is actualized, we begin to create community. A community with boundaries that protect the inner peace. Because a true boundary exist solely for the person who set them and no one else. When we live in this manner, we model our power.

This power arises from within – from our heart. We do not go outside ourselves to attain power. Power is not something we aquire, it is a state of being. We do not take from others to feel superior. We know we ARE power Ourselves… and that knowing enables us to play. To engage. To listen. To flow. To evolve. That power leads to the true meaning of being a child. And that is the gift we give to the younger generation.

Play. Power. Respect. Childhood.

We gift our children, “I am the parent. I have a responsibility to AND for you. You are my child. You are free to play. You are free to explore. You are free to BE You. I will create a space where you feel safe, because I feel safe within myself. I will create a space for you to take your Time, Divine Timing, I will not rush you, because I feel peace within myself. I will create boundaries that keep harmony, so that you may be the true definition of carefree- to live in the moment. I will create this for you, and you will gift me with the most precious gift I could ever recieve – the gift of You. And that is Perfection.”

When we step into our role as adults, we are taking on the “responsibility of sovereignty.” The way we feel, the thoughts we think, how we respond, the words we choose to represent us, all of these are aspects that make a being self aware.

Our world is full of children raising children. People who react instead of respond. People who blame others for their pain. People who are victims of their circumstances. Adults who are stunted physically, mentally and emotionally which leads to a spiritual block. A feeling of separation. Of loss. Of stagnation.

Enter the blame game. “If my husband helped with chores, I’d be happy.” “If my wife cleaned the house, I’d be happy.” “If my friend called me back, I’d be happy.” All of these “issues” arise because we give away our power. We expect others to fulfill certain roles in order to keep our triggers at bay. When we lash out, we blame someone else for our feelings. But our feelings arise from within.. they are ours and ours alone. They are beautiful teachers that point us toward the direction of Inner Peace.

Feelings make us “uncomfortable.” We grew up in a culture that deemed feelings as weakness. So therefore we shy away from them. We suppressed them, and this emotional suppression leads to physical pain.

When an emotion (an energy in motion) is suppressed, it stagnates, becomes dense, and creates an environment for pain to enter into the body. When we suppress our emotions, we block the flow of energy within ourselves. We then become stuck. We think the same thoughts. Have the same self depreciating internal dialogues. We then project that outward. We gossip about people. We tell others how to act. How to behave. How to think. How to live. We then enforce rules… these rules are born from a place of fear – and that fear is centered in pain. Physical, mental, emotional pain. Because our relationship with pain “hurts too much.” But it only hurts too much because our inner pain has had an entire lifetime of being repressed. So we create rules, which are really prisions of our own internal pain, to keep us “safe.” Safe from feeling. And these rules then go on to create a future centered in “safety” ie judgment and fear. And the cycle continues.

We cling to the past. We cling to the future. We cling to our pain. This stagnation then becomes our life. We feel stuck. We feel trapped. We feel numb. We must go within. We must let go of everything in order to have it All.

We must do the work. How we react (respond) has nothing to do with another individual and EVERYTHING to do with our relationship to Self.

If your internal happiness is dictated on another individual – you’ve got work to do. Internal happiness is a state of being. It is a state of harmony, a state of peace. This internal happiness means that life can be going up in flames around you, and you’re in the throws of it emotionally, but you are also centered. You allow yourself space to feel. To think. To just BE. Because we are simultaneously both all of our emotions and none of them. Perfect harmony. We do not react. We respond.

Replay your self talk. The ideas you have in your head about the way things “should” go. When life doesn’t go as planned, how do you react? What is your internal dialog? Are you able to create a new outcome? Can you surrender? Or are you a victim to your own self sabotage – the “inner critique.”

The way we feel and act has nothing to do with the outside world (parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers etc) and everything to do with us.

When you do the work. Regardless of how someone treats you, you begin to uncover your triggers. And those triggers lead to a path of inner healing. And when you embody the space of inner peace/ inner love, you create two options for those in your life. They either rise to meet you, or they fall away. And there is such beauty and perfection in BOTH options.

Ultimately, our goal is to not be personally effected by anything someone else does (or doesn’t) do. The war could be ranging, but you hold the peace, because you have quite literally become peace. To become, we must create strong boundaries. A boundary IS a space holder.

We are cyclical beings. We flow. We adapt. We integrate and evolve.

We run into issues, when we hold on too tightly to things that are not in harmony. When there is chaos, when there is turbulence, these are signs you are holding on too tightly. When you take a breath and tune in, what does your heart say? Only you know the answer. Only you hold the key. Go within.

When we flow. When we allow the totality of our emotions to freely expresselves themselves without judgment… without creating a story… we are in a state of receptivity. And within this state, is a place where we are the creators of our future. We become sovern beings. True power. A power that comes from within – from our heart. And when we create from this space, this openness, this Divine Surrender, magic happenes.

I will create, countless times, until heaven is a place within. And Heaven, has no other choice but to be reflected in our outside surroundings. Heaven on Earth. This is the Responsibility to Sovereignty. This is Love.


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