Blood Mysteries

Gratitude. Awe. Beauty.
Last night my menses returned. I was taken aback. It graced me with its presence 2.5 months (11 weeks) after giving birth to Aluna. I exclusively breastfeed. No bottles. No pacifiers. Aluna wakes up in the night (on average) every 1.5 hours to nurse. A few days ago, I was wondering when this sacred event would return. Among my speculations, I was prepared for 18 months. When I saw my blood last night, I was shocked – in the best kind of way. I felt an even deeper sense of gratitude for my body. Gratitude for the beautiful human it created, for its uniqueness, for its wisdom. I celebrate and honor these sacred blood mysteries. My body is telling me that winter is over and spring is here. That if I choose, my body is ready to create life again. How cool is that!?! I marvel at the beauty.

I honor my cycle. I listen to the seasons of my body and allow myself the time and space that every season requests. When I’m on my moon, I slow down. I turn inward. I get quiet. I feel deeper. I expand further into a state of love.

With the return of my cycle, I feel as if I am reclaiming my woman-hood all over again.

This is life.
This is a celebration.
This is power.

We live in such a fast paced society that is is nearly impossible for those in the “rat race” to honor the sacred cycles of the body. The same sacred cycles that are effortlessly woven into the cycle of the moon, the cycle of the seasons, and the cycle of the Earth. Our body is meant to be in a deep state of harmony with the natural world. When we are in harmony, we are in health. When we are in health, we are able to love deeper and further. Our body transforms into a home, a temple, of Love.

I find our collective response to menstrual blood so interesting. As a society, we have no problem watching murder scenes, watching skateboarders skin their knees, watching boxing/MMA where fighters have blood smeared all over them. But when we talk about menstrual blood -the one type of blood that isn’t from an injury, but rather from a life giving cycle- we become squeamish. We become uncomfortable.

We avert our eyes.
We turn our heads.
We betray our bodies.

Did you know that menstrual blood contains stem cells. It coats our insides and heals. Every. Single. Month. Our blood literally repairs and replenishes. Instead of bleeding from a wound, menstrual blood comes from a place of life. How cool is that?!?

From day one, we’ve been indoctrinated to view menses as “dirty.” We’ve been shown ads where clean (women in white clothes) do everything they can to hide their blood. To distance themselves from their blood. Out of sight is best. We must wrap our tampons and pads in toilet paper so that no one sees.

This attitude, this mindset, creates a huge rift in our consciousness. It distances us from how we connect to our body. How did it come to be, that the most natural event of a woman’s life is viewed as dirty? How did it come to be that our menses be viewed with shame? How did it come to be, that instead of honoring this time, we cover- up and hide?

What if we lived in a society that payed due homage to this sacred event? What if we lived in a society that spoke of the innate wisdom our blood holds? What if, instead of shying away from a fundamental aspect of not only a woman’s life, but all life, we learned to lean in. What if we were able to reclaim this aspect of our humanity. What if we felt empowered by our blood, by this life-giving force. What if…

We are told we need to be clean. We are told we need to be sanitary. We are told we need to be civilized. Civilized? What does that even mean? If we look back throughout history, heinous acts are committed under the guise of “being civilized.” Screw civility. Give me savage. “Savages” tended the lands. “Savages” honored the sun and the moon. “Savages” understood the body and its beauty. “Savages” understood that the health of the earth meant the health of the body and the the health of the body meant the health of the earth. There is no separation. Take me back to my roots – I guess that means I’m radical.

If any establishment or outside entity makes you feel bad about your body – question them not yourself. Our bodies are strong. But imagine how much stronger they’d be if we directed our conscious thought and energy into them instead of turning away. And what if that directed energy was born of respect, gratitude, and love.

When we come into communion with ourselves, we change the narrative. We shift from an existence based in disconnect, to one based in harmony. When we are in a state of harmony, we create space for our health to flourish. The human body IS wise. The human body IS miraculous. Imagine if we treated it as such.

Get to know your blood. Sit with it. Explore. Discover. Tend.

Does it make you uncomfortable? Why? Do you feel dirty? Why? This is you. This is life. These are your blood mysteries – and they hold so much power.

As I close the old chapter that gave life to Aluna, I give thanks. I prepare a ceremony by giving my blood back to the Earth, so that it may heal and nourish Our Mother… the Mother that gives life to us All. As Aluna and I embark on this new chapter together, I lean in and give thanks. What a gift. I am in awe.

You are Loved. You ARE Love.


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