Who Determines Your Identity?

This evening I was having a conversation about the recent Johnson and Johnson lawsuit that ended up with the company being ordered to pay 4.7 billion dollars in damages because of known asbestos in their talc (baby) powder that has been causing cancer and death for decades. There have been many cover-ups, bribes and removal of negative scientific findings for over 40 years that enabled them to continue operating under their guise of “putting the needs and well being of the people we serve first” which is further followed up with, “our credo is more than just a moral compass. We believe it’s a recipe for business success.” This company has been knowingly placing carcinogens in their products at the expense of their customers health and wallets. Yet, this post isn’t about the brand Johnson and Johnson. They are only one of hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that regularly conduct immoral and unethical business practices. This post could just have easily have been about any number of the disturbing practices that occur on a daily basis throughout the world. This post goes deeper, it delves into the systemic thinking we tend to hold about ourselves and the way we view our place in this world.

Near the end of the conversation, of which we were both on board with the atrocities being committed against humanity for a profit, I mentioned how our current administration is rolling back laws that had been set up to hold companies monetarily accountable for their hazardous environment practices. How “environmental protections” were being stripped and corporations were no longer being held responsible for their blatant disregard for life -whether it be human, animal, plant, earth or our unique space in the universe we collectively inhabit. Upon mentioning “Our Current Administration” I was combativly met with “Well, those laws didn’t stop them anyway.”


Instead of being on the same wavelength, a united front against injustice, we have now been separated. The argument that it didn’t stop them is then inherently followed by, “if the laws didn’t work anyways, why does it matter? People are always going to act in unsavory ways.” So does this mean we get rid of all laws that have been put in place to hinder corruption? In a perfect world, yes, laws become superfluous. But in our current thought structure, there is still a place for them. Our conversation went from being collectively appalled to inadvertently defending large corporations and the rollback of laws which were an attempt to hold powers at be accountable- rollbacks pushed forth by the very businesses that profit (or lose profits) because of said laws.

Unfortunately, in this uniquely chaotic society we belong to, this flawed defensive stance is all too commonplace. I understand that large corporations are going to continue this practice until eventually a new and more wholesome system is woven into our culture. But until then, these laws are put into place in hopes of deterring immoral practices and fining power-hungry individuals. It is a broken systems’ attempt at righting a wrong via the same aggressive tactics that lead us to the problem in the first place – separation.

Now, I respect this person. This post isn’t to call this individual out, but rather address a much larger systemic problem. Why, when we feel our beliefs are being threatened (such as their choice in politics), must we protect those whom we know in our hearts are causing great harm? All too often we place our identity in mass belief systems – centers of thought control that tell us what to think without we, ourselves, questioning their antics. Therefore, we begin to lose the humanity of which we truly belong. When we are not solid in our own beliefs, when we blindly follow the masses, when our train of thought has become so narrow that we forget we have the option of asking entirely new questions outside the current model, that is when we hit a blind wall. A wall that separates us from what our hearts tell us is right. A wall that insists we adhere to the norm or be perceived as heretics. A wall that separates the soul (mind, body and heart) from not only the individual, but the collective. This problem is rooted so deeply that this wall is not only figurative, but also literal. The boundaries we place on geographic regions, the discrimination of race, religion, gender etc. This wall aids in the further contamination of greed, hostility, fear, ignorance and violence into our daily lives.

We have become so entrenched in the current format of controlled “self-expression” that we back the very system that suppresses us. Why, do we as a whole, feel that when someone questions a topic regarding our political climate, that we ourselves are being threatened? Our identity is so closely entwined with this black and white version of reality that anything other than “our side” must be directly attacking our personal beliefs. Why must we be so close-minded that the very mention of a differing viewpoint sets off an egoic battle in which an individual feels they must stand their ground? Whos ground are we really upholding? If we are to create a more loving reality we must let go of these thought patterns that have carved their way into not only our daily lives, but our psyche.

Who tells you what to believe? Why do we so openly give our freedoms away? We must question those in power, companies like Johnson and Johnson that sell us not only products, but also information about how to act in this meticulously constructed corrupt version of reality. We must feel into situations with our heart and we must think with our brain. We must incorporate all modalities of “self” (mind, body and heart) when we begin to mold our new truth. And if we find something in the old story doesn’t fit within a more wholesome world we are to create, then we must also honor the space for change and evolution to occur. The way we create a brighter more loving model of reality is to remain open. As much as we hold onto our entrenched thought-patterns, we are not the accumulation of these spoon-fed beliefs. We start to shine when we begin to question the old paradigm. A question is not meant to belittle or illicit a hostile defensive response. A question, in its pure form, is to help us mold our own beliefs based on the entirety of our being. Despite being part of the collective, we as individuals have the ability to shift the climate of the whole. It starts on the individual level. Question. Think. Feel. Love. The simplicity of change often gives the illusion of being challenging. We must overcome this thought-complex. Life is only as challenging as we believe it to be. Who does your thinking? And why are we letting them control all aspects of our lives? Let’s reclaim our True identity. You are Loved. You ARE Love.



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