A Memory – Formless Creation

I was sitting in my rocking chair one day, working, when I had one of the most vivid memories I had had yet. To this day, almost a year and a half later I can recall every detail, texture and emotion of this particular memory. This was my first (of many) experiences with the vast emptiness…with perfection.

June 18th 2016

A Memory

Back and fourth, back and fourth, the squeaky gliders of my wooden seat are hushed by the loving embrace of the soft fibers they rest upon. My hands are laced with a pungent green sheen. The dust upon them produces glassy-eyed smiles from millions of every generation world-wide. I myself am not a fan. But I send so much love and laughter into each stroke of my blade that I can feel my vibrations surge though its users with every inhale. This I like. It’s almost noon. Not like this matters. Time is but an illusion created by man in an attempt to forget his true nature. Or perhaps not to forget, but as a means of re-remembering. Silly humans. It’s only a game and sooner or later in losing you’ll see that you’ve finally won. The sun hits the top of my roof and I can almost hear the heat waves dancing joyously atop the house. It is then I remember. My mind travels fast and nimble to the sacred space from which it originated. Re-living the scene laid out in front of me I smile. My eyes peer out at the confines of my room, but I’m visually witnessing an entirely different scene. There’s a vast emptiness- but strangely it’s full – of what I can’t see yet, maybe that’s the point. It’s the beginning before creation exists. Only God knows – in which case I must be right. I’m with another being – The Creator – The One. Yet there is no physical presence of myself or any other being. I’m watching the scene from all angles. A full 360 degree rotation, but my viewpoint is not limited to the outer world. I see the unraveling from my “eyes” as well. Unraveling from within. In the vast blackness (which has a daylight glow centered around us) I watch. “I’m” laughing – with the purest of joy imaginable – or unimaginable- I don’t feel as if I’m in another universe/plane/planet etc. I feel at home. I’m at the center of it all. The beginning, middle and end – for they all exist simultaneously within the only “time” that ever exists – the now. There is such joy in my heart. It radiates throughout eternity – throughout the now. Just Me and God. God and Me. Joined as Eternal One. Love is the heartbeat which pulses into the furthest reaches of it all. I’m creating. We’re creating. Of what I haven’t the slightest of clues. I take the color pink (a pink mixed with purple) a hue my human eyes have never quite seen before, and splash it into the vastness of our existence along the glowing black, dare I say void, because it is so full of…. of… it’s the most full, empty blackness I’ve ever witnessed. God’s laughter soars through me and presents itself as my own. Yet there is no eye of which to see nor mouth of which to laugh. Which makes complete sense since We ARE God. “We” float there, in time and space, laughing and loving and showering everything we can’t yet see with this magnificent color “Pinkish Purpleish.” The memory is simple, yet is says everything that ever was said. God is creation. We are God. We are Creation. Unbound, free, full of nothing but a joy more pure than a child’s. Creating the most meaningful and glorious creation there ever was, is and will be. The memory is so pure. Intact forever. It’s been seared into the mind of Sara and who ever else will read this. … I sit up straight in my rocker. I laugh. This is only a small taste of the infinite possibilities. Humans are a direct manifestation of God. A creation always evolving and creating more – for its our very nature. This is NOT a dream- my human inclinations are 100% positive of this. They feel it deep in their marrow. This is a waking memory and I can’t wait to have more. I am yours. I surrender. Use me to spread all – ALL! – Love, Joy, Strength, Unity, Peace, Gratitude, Safety, Compassion, Wholeness, Laughter, Serenity… LOVE! To every living/“non-living” (although “non-living” is a falsehood that doesn’t exists) EVERYTHING! Use me. I am Yours – because I am Mine and I am You, and You are Me. We are Us and Us is “I.” “ONE” in the same.

With infinite love and laughter


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