A Call to Consciousness

These are strange times we live in.

It is often challenging for me to be around people. Frequently, when I see humans interact, both non-verbally and verbally, I feel a deep sadness. This sadness is accompanied by a profound understanding that everything is happening exactly as it should. In the great plane of non-dual reality there is neither good nor bad. That is not to say good and evil do not exist, but merely there is another “step-up” in the succession of human consciousness which transcends “positive and negative.” Once this realization has been embraced, it is necessary to engage all rings of the ladder with the wisdom that you must let each level of consciousness play out it’s specific future.

This sadness I endure stems from watching and feeling my fellow humans remain in such chaos and despair. When I see folks interact with one-another in a manner anything less than pure love, I feel the weight of separation further fueling our divorce from one another, and thus their estrangement from the Whole. The Whole has many different names: God, Source, Spirit, Energy, Vibes, etc. We are all connected on a level that is rooted much deeper than family, race, religion and humanity… all of life is connected. Many people intellectually identify with this truth, yet there is a drastic difference in understanding these connections versus feeling them. This detachment from the Whole (from us as living entities) creates a distress which often radiates an energy of hostility. This in turn molds into many different forms, from the inability to relate and listen to one another’s opinions, to the outward expression of judgment and violence. People then try and force one another to “see” their reality – which is almost always skewed by the fallacy of individuality and ego. This is not to say that individuality and ego do not exist, merely once you understand the misinterpretation you can healthily re-create your life with these human tendencies.

More often than not, I am able to focus on the positive nature of this universe despite the many perils humanity causes themselves. Yet, this deep sadness is becoming ever more present in my life with the prevalence of global awareness via media capabilities. As humans, we are able to witness the gross human rights abuses taking place in all nations around the world. And still, my sadness goes deeper than the human abuses. I feel the same degree of heartache for our lack of compassion for animals and the environment which we grow from… the natural world. But to fix and expand our compassion it seems we must first practice the ability of love and empathy with things we identify with (in this case since we are humans – our fellow brothers and sisters).

I notice a monumental polarization taking place. The amount of turbulence radiating from opposing “groups” is reassuring. More often than not, change is met with a certain hesitancy and recoil. Yet, the objection and vacillation of change in relation to personal integrity is (currently) the most systematically prevalent way of accomplishing a paradigm shift. While I am not certain why change is frequently met with such opposition when most folks claim to be “open” and “enjoy learning new things,” I do acknowledge that this polarization and backlash has it’s rightful place in the present design of understanding.

However, this understanding does not lessen my sorrow. I see a red, white and blue nation at arms with one another over basic human rights. I see the people of Catalan being brutalized over the right to gain independence. I see homosexuals being bullied and brutalized over the most fundamental natural expression of love. I see natives and minorities being treated with hatred and disdain. I see the country I was born in denying aid to others and turning their back on folks in time of need. I see people in Palestine being murdered and having their basic human liberties revoked. I see people’s greed for unsubstantial myths (such as money) overriding the most vital call to action in protecting our planet from man-made devastation. I see many things which cause me immense anguish. But more importantly, I feel these atrocities being committed on ourselves.

Everything is connected. Our thoughts become reality. Our reality dictates the outside world we’re encompassed in. There are many different realities, all of which hold the same importance and truths for those experiencing them. It seems the most realistic way of moving forward in a world suffocating in desolation is for individuals to be open. Being open means listening to opposing viewpoints. However, it goes deeper than listening. If you truly want to listen, you must also understand. You must immerse yourselves in another view point so much so that you can identify with the contrasting idea. You can feel the way your rival feels. We are all teachers and we are all students. There is an infinite realm of education which we have the ability to learn as well as teach others – given they are open to listening.

Listen. Engage. Question. Understand. Feel. Change.

I can see many different paths. I can see many different outcomes. The more you change for the positive, the more you inadvertently encourage others to change through your vibrational frequencies. We are all connected.

It is often challenging for me to be around people. I find myself changing day to day and often hour to hour. Change is a necessary (and welcome) part of my evolution. I crave the connections which most cannot fathom. I crave conversations in which I don’t have to explain my perspective. I yearn for the day when we collectively raise our expanding consciousness and limitations dissolve. I anxiously await the awakening of this planet.

These are strange times we live in.

With love,


2 thoughts on “A Call to Consciousness

  1. Sara your thoughts deserve a response since they are provoking and profound. I don’t have the time to reflect on all you said but find it interesting that you believe that we are all connected yet find it challenging to be around people. I agree some people are more difficult to be around than others. That said a understanding that we live in a fallen world makes it easier to let go of the idea that we can somehow fix things ourselves. A deep ohmm and reliance on a higher power make it easier, along with believing there is a after life with consequences to out actions while here on earth. Anyway, your writing is always a joy to read. If you have not already you might want to read the Allegory of the Cave by Plato it might give you insight on how to come back to relating to other consciousness. Lots of love Uncle Rick

    • Rick, thank you, I truly appreciate your reply. However, your interpretation of my words is vastly off. With regards to being around people, Occasionally it becomes challenging to be around people when their negativity and outlook is so out of tune with love, unity and peace. When almost everyone I hear communicates their disdain for either themselves, a stressor in life, or folks who hold a differing opinion. Your thoughts become reality. Your reality transmits either a higher or lower vibrational frequency based on degrees of love. Your perception of circumstances dictates how you move through the world. For example, I may say, “I still don’t have this handstand down!” or I can say, “I know I’m going to stick this handstand soon!” They may appear only as words, but you emit two very different vibrations when you think AND say them.

      I am not saying it is difficult to be around people. I am saying there are days when I am bombarded by the negativity people constantly emit, thus making it challenging at times. I see and hear negativity almost every day. However, me saying “It is often challenging for me to be around people.”does not in the slightest way indicate that I do not like to be around people nor should it be interpreted that because we are all connected there is a fracture of knowledge vs feeling. For instance, being a father has many challenges. You may raise your voice and be upset with your children, when truthfully you’ve been hurt and wish the best for them… so they thrive and become the best version of themselves. It can be challenging to observe people express themselves the same every day and expect/wish for a different outcome. There is a difference in being challenging and being difficult… it depends on your outlook. And just because we may find situations challenging does not mean we stray away from it.

      I see and feel our connectivity. When I witness my fellow humans experiencing pain and suffering I actively FEEL their suffering. It can be challenging when often times the answer to many “problems” is a change in perspective. A change in energy – energy that we either subconsciously or consciously pick up on. This is not to say that I take on their negativity, merely that I feel and understand their hurt.

      The idea of there being an “ourselves” to “fix a fallen world” is by nature incorrect because we are all connected. The illusion of separation is exactly that – an illusion.

      In regards to your closing statement of “Plato…might give you insight in relating to other consciousness,” I am not having a hard time relating. Quite the opposite. I understand and feel where they are coming from. I do not wish for people to “hurry up and change” because I know everything happens exactly as it should. You must let people evolve at their pace… not at a pace you think is appropriate. Change becomes difficult if you think it is.

      Thank you for your Plato recommendation, I’ve read almost all the grates- Plato has helpful insight of which to grown and expand upon. I thank you for your comment. I’m excited to see you and the family. I sure do love you!


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