5 Responses to Tahoe 360 Swim Report

  1. drough2013 says:

    Thanks for sharing your latest adventure. It is a wonderful story of perseverance, stretching, striving and powerful friendship. That to me is a story of great victory! Congratulations.

  2. You continue to amaze me! What a story and experience! Live it up!

  3. Adrian says:

    An absolutely inspiring post. I am in awe over your determination as well as the insights you brought away from this experience. I am reminded of many an eastern philosophical text in how you were removed from the experience of your senses, an observer in your own body. The most enlightening “failure” ever!

  4. Fry brother says:

    Love ya sis. You did so much better than 99% of the world would do. I am so proud of you, and other brothers would be jealous to that i have such a kick ass sister like you. Keep on keeping on!!

  5. Annie mac says:

    Love you ottermelon!


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