Relentless Writing Mind

“The stillness of the dark night seeps deep into my bones. Laying upon this hard rooftop, I gaze longingly into the black abyss. My body is quiet, but my mind is forever racing. Thoughts come and go like shooting stars grazing the envelope of this silent night. I’m tired. I’m ready to succumb to the dream state that eagerly awaits me at the edge of my eyelids. But hours have passed and my musings still soar through the sky at galactic speeds. It’s both a blessing and a curse to be chained so heavily to my relentless writing mind. Every part of my body seeks rest, but there is no rest when my ruminations get their creative itch. The need to outsource my ideas onto paper grows stronger as my fingertips freely bleed ink. My solace tonight is knowing that once I’ve written down everything that impedes sleep, my mind will sweetly drift into the playground of my subconscious and frolic with the beauty of my imagination. Until then, my ideas continue to etch themselves through both time and space as they travel to their destination upon lined paper laced with thousands of familiar words.”


5 thoughts on “Relentless Writing Mind

  1. omg i can relate so well! for me it’s visual art, though. i think of patterns and colors, shapes and styles, paintings i’ve seen by other people, paintings i have created, paintings i want to create!
    it starts to get hazy and sometimes i dream about it, not usually though. it fills up my mind a lot of the time. do you have trouble concentrating on other things? 🙂

    • Most of the time when the words get overpowering the only choice I have is to write. But once they’re on paper I’m “free” again. I wouldn’t call it trouble concentrating because I’m incredibly focused when my my words take hold. And then once they’re out on paper I can go back to doing what ever I desire. I love the feeling of creating works of art. The practice of creative expression is limitless and you never know who you’re going to connect with. It’s beautiful!

      • Yes! Art makes you live in the moment which sets you free. And you’re communicating with everyone who sees it/reads it! It’s a truly a gift to be able to do it!


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