Swim Circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe

In the next few months (July/August) I’m going to be swimming a circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe… self supported! In total it’ll be between 70-75 miles. I’m planning on swimming roughly 10 miles a day, although I’m hoping the swim will take under 7 days. No fins or a wetsuit will be worn. Like my backpacking endeavors this will be self-supported. I will tow my food, camera, camping gear, phone, wallet, etc in a dry bag behind me with a leash attached to my body. To my knowledge, the only other person to solo-swim/self-supported of the perimeter of Lake Tahoe is Justin Lichter back in 2007. Prep for the queen of open water swimming… the English Channel


Photo Credit: Monabah Photography

12 thoughts on “Swim Circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe

  1. I have thought of doing a multi day swim. I am concerned about the gear I want to carry. I plan to camp at various campsites along the way. Any lessons learned you care to pass along? I plan to do it in Georgian Bay.

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