Day 2 & 3: Sight and Walk “trail”

Another long and hot couple days.  I expect many more to come.  There’s absolutely zero shade out here… except for a few rogue trees. I’m still shocked this incredibly barren land used to be covered in shade.  There’s cow and therefor cow poop everywhere. It’s pretty comical actually. So far Jester was right when he told me I’d be near, on, by, and around cow shit the entire trail. Every time we find shade we have to clear all the patties out of the way. 


Our view looking back towards Crazy Cook. 


A snake a day


Day 3 started out hot and relatively boring in terms of scenery.  Nugio, iPod,  and myself walked 10 miles to our next water cache that the amazing CDTC set up for us.  When we arrived Nug got a text from Sleeping Bare (his dad) that said he’d meet us at the hwy at 1130 with pizza and beer.  The only problem was,  was that we didn’t have service to let us know when the original message was sent.  For all we knew it could have been yesterday.  But low and behold not more than 5 mins had passed when a red sedan came buzzing around the windy road and straight for us, creating a welcome cloud of dust.  Out of the car emerged Sleeping Bare holding a box which, “had my name on it.” Inside was a veggie pizza especially for me. Hello Trail Magic! The 3 hikers and Sleeping Bare ate until we couldn’t eat any more.  Then we had ice cold beer. I opted for a “strawberrita” because the alcohol content was slightly higher. We couldn’t be happier. Armed with full bellies and high spirits we began the next 12 miles to hwy 113 where we would be greeted again by Sleeping

Once we began hiking again it was miserably hot.  My sweat soaked shirt provided a slight reprieve, but the heat was still sweltering.  We stopped at every bit of shade we came across…. which certainly wasn’t very much. 


Nugio and ipod posted up

Just when we were beginning to feel the weight of the blistering heat we came across the most glorious sight!  Flowing water coming down the trail.  We practically ran to the source.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  The solar well was overflowing ice cold water creating a make shift shower.  We all took advantage of this incredibly rare opportunity. 


Our saving grace from the heat.  Freezing flowing water. 


Nug taking advantage and soaking his swollen feet.


Ipod utilizing the shower.


If the well wasn’t overflowing this would have been our water source. 


Our hot desert death march. 

We soaked under the water and drenched ourselves before venturing out into the sun again.  It took less than 15 mins for our clothes to be completely dry,  but it was glorious walking through the desert while the cool breeze penetrated our wet clothes.  It’s funny how it’s the simple things in life such as an overflowing pipe that bring so much joy.  


Looking down into the valley.  Sleeping Bare was waiting for us somewhere down there. 

The final 4 miles downhill really placed a beating on my shin.  With every step I took pain radiated from the front of my leg.  Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow! 


Typical CDT. The trail maker right in front of a barbed wire fence.  I love this trail! 

3 thoughts on “Day 2 & 3: Sight and Walk “trail”

  1. I love your amazing desert shots! I grew up in an arid climate and have always had a soft spot for those wide open spaces… I bet the night sky was something to behold. I’m going back to that for a holiday in a few months and I cannot WAIT…

    • Thank you! Wide open spaces are my anthem. Nothing quite like the stillness of a vast open plain or the songs of mother nature while standing upon a mountaintop. Truly remarkable. I hope you have a great time!


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