The Real You: Beauty Within

We must feel comfortable in our own skin; it’s the only place we have to live.


Today’s media and culture do an outstanding job of leading people to believe that they are not beautiful. They express that we must alter our appearance to attain an acceptable level of attractiveness. It is absurd to put such a strict emphasis on physical appeal when our outward expression has already been predetermined.

Our culture focuses primarily on our somatic features, but by doing this we neglect some of the most amazing and beautiful characteristics a person has. This excessive level of attention to our superficies is detrimental because it casts aside the wonderful foundation which makes up the very essence of oneself.

Our media teaches that we cannot be beautiful without alterations such as make-up, Botox, and other cosmetic procedures. We are constantly bombarded by the belief that it is unacceptable to have wrinkles or grey hair. And anything less than perfectly white teeth is deemed ugly. There are scores of body modification substances that are being distributed to people in the industry’s hope of becoming richer. This business is built on making people believe that their natural state is inferior to their manufactured beautification process.

We cannot focus solely on our appearances. We must also allow ourselves to be observant of our intellect and instincts. The thoughts and feelings that manifest on the inside are as much apart of our body as our outward looks. The physical element of our physique plays such an infinitesimal role in the grand scheme of our existence.

 Why have we let ourselves fall victim to the belief that it is socially unacceptable to be our natural selves? Our media is not solely responsible for discouraging us to feel comfortable within ourselves. There are government laws which declare the human body, a magnificent organism,  indecent. How are we supposed to feel good in our skin when everywhere we turn our culture tells us that we are offensive and improper?


 We must relearn to fall in love with ourselves; despite the medias agenda to belittle their consumers. Happiness begins with loving yourself for who you are inside and out. If the environment inside our bodies is hostile, how can we be happy? We cannot judge other people based on their looks because the body is not a reflection, but rather an extension of ourselves.

 Lasting happiness comes from within. It’s a state of freedom and acceptance that isn’t capable of being purchased.  If we are not comfortable in our own skin, the very essence of our being, how can we be happy? Happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts; not what is being sold by corporate business chains.

We have the power to see beyond the physicality of our world. We need to be aware of our surroundings and live in the now. Happiness is alive in the present; it doesn’t focus on the past, nor does it concentrate on the future.

Being comfortable in our body does not only entail that we accept our appearance, but also that we are at peace with our thoughts and feelings. It means that we trust ourselves entirely. For if we are unable to trust ourselves, we cannot trust our mistrust.  We must live in harmony with our being.


The body is not one particular facet, but everything which makes up “you.” Therefore, it is vital we are aware of our body, mind, and spirit.

We have to take care of our body and focus on healthy life sustaining food. In addition, it’s crucial we strengthen our intellect and have meaningful thought-provoking conversation. We should form questions and seek out answers. Our feelings are also indispensable. They exist for a reason. We cannot burry unpleasant emotions. We have to be able to deal with them as they come along and acknowledge their worth. Emotions can provide a wealth of information if we allow them to. All of these different aspects mold a person. To be comfortable in our own skin means being attentive to all aspects of what we are as a whole.

I’m not endorsing that we be naked in public, nor am I saying that make-up is destructive. What I am saying is this: We should not depend on artificial enhancers to make us feel content because at the end of the day we are not what we put on, but what we take off. What is in your heart is just as beautiful (if not more appealing) than your looks.

I challenge you to trust yourself. Thank your body for all of its gloriousness. Do not judge people based on their appearance. Do not allow yourself to buy into lies that you “need” physical enhancements. I love you for you, not for who you’re pretending to be. We each have a unique signature and style we can share with the world. Allow others the privilege of knowing the REAL you. And if you don’t know who “you” are… it’s OKAY. Have fun exploring yourself. The marvelous thing about not knowing is that you have the opportunity to try many different things. The possibilities are endless. So take off your mask and start loving yourself; you will find other people will too.

I am comfortable with and without make-up, because I love who I am inside and out! Most of the time I prefer not wearing any because I want people to like me for who I am naturally… I believe it says more about me.

                         IMG_0485 - Version 2Photo on 2012-11-25 at 16.58

8 thoughts on “The Real You: Beauty Within

  1. Well said; and true.

    Beauty is the art of believing that you are beautiful, kind, caring and attractive.

    The first element of life, if one believes in themselves, is the understanding what part you play in Nature; this ensures the balance for a productive life. Glamour magazine cannnot bestow beauty – it can only report it.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much Johan! I couldn’t agree more. Beauty IS the art of believing… not only in yourself, but in others as well. Don’t forget to smile! You’re worth it! : )

  2. It’s a shame we have become so brainwashed by our society that beauty is “skin deep”. Beauty – like life is so much deeper. To fall in love with ourselves is vital to our happiness. If we can not love ourselves, it is nearly impossible to love others…


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