The Purity of Love

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 


I try to refrain from writing my personal experiences, but I believe sharing will bring things into perspective with our upcoming holiday. It is extremely difficult for me to share this, please read it all the way through… trust me… it’s worth it.


 It is important that we be reminded of the true meaning of Valentines Day.

This holiday is purely dedicated to love.  So why do we buy into the way our media has capitalized on selling objects. Love is a feeling which cannot be purchased. It can only be given by someone who truly wants to share themselves. It is arguably one of the purest emotions we get to experience. It is an absolutely beautiful occurrence that should be cherished above all.

There are many people who dislike Valentines Day, perhaps because it reminds us that we are alone. We shouldn’t focus on this. It’s a day to rejoice. February 14th should be celebrated regardless of our relationship status. If you are single let us focus our attention on something positive; perhaps a friend, parent, colleague, or even a place that we have loved or has shown us love. Love isn’t strictly a romantic feeling. We should be grateful that our culture has dedicated an entire day to such a spectacular emotion.

No matter how bleak a situation may appear try and find the silver lining.

When I was eighteen my boyfriend died. Every year, on February 14th, I am reminded of the heart wrenching sorrow the anniversary of his death brings. I feel the overbearing pain as if were happening all over again. Regardless of my anguish, I always try to remember the love we shared and how lucky I was to be able to experience the purity of genuine love.

This is the eulogy I wrote for his funeral…


“We fell in love. Love has no boundaries or limits. It knows no distance or age. Love is irrational and unreasonable. But, we fell in love. He stole my heart. He was the sweetest, most loving and caring individual I have ever known in my life.

I want to thank each and every one of you here today for shaping him and making him the man that I fell in love with…. He had me, all of me. He was my world, my everything. I know that he is looking down on each and everyone of us here today. I know that he will ALWAYS be with me. Just like he will always be with everyone of us here.

He was very scared when he found out about the cancer. I held his hand through it and I’m holding your hands now. Despite his immense fear, he did what he needed to do. He was strong, brave, and he knew he might not make it out – but he fought. He was a fighter. Let us all take a little bit of his bravery, courage, and fight along with us. When ever we feel down and out let us be reminded of the incredible strength he had and let that fill us up.

He died on Valentines Day, now this to me seemed a horrible day to go on at first. However, the more I think about it, it was perhaps the best day he could have gone. It is a day dedicated to love. My love for him will NEVER cease to exist. I know that he loves me and I love him. There was no better day for him to leave us – than on a day of love. My love goes out to every individual here.

It seems like an impossible feat for me to carry on without the love of my life here on this earth, but I know that he is here looking after not only me, but us all. I cannot put into words how devastated I am by this loss, as I’m sure all of you are, but I hope my words bring you some comfort and understanding. He wanted us all to carry on.

This was the last text message he sent to me and I will pass it on to you; that it may bring you some comfort and peace.

“Let WIND blow away your sadness. Let RAIN wash away your worries. Let SUN bring you warmth. Let LOVE bring you happiness. And let my message bring you a SMILE. I LOVE YOU…”


I urge you to recapture the true meaning of Valentines Day. Cherish your loved ones. Show them how much you appreciate them. Life is very short. We are tremendously blessed to have an entire day devoted to love. Do not take Valentines Day for granted.

I love you.

33 thoughts on “The Purity of Love

  1. This beautiful message of love isn’t contained to one day … it’s as precious today as a reader of this post as it was to anyone reading it when you posted it … I am so very sorry for your loss, you have given a tiny piece of that love as encouragement to us. Praying that you have found new love, not to replace him; but to continue giving the beautiful love that you have to give. Thank you and thank you for visiting poetrycottage.

    • You’re welcome. I’m so glad you feel that way. It was my hopes to help other people recognize the beauty in not only life, but also death. And to remind people that love conquers all. We should never take anything for granted.

  2. Your story reflect great grace and incredible love! Thank you for having the courage to share it; we all need to hear such stories to remind us of how precious life truly is.

  3. Sara,
    Thanks for sharing a snapshot of your life. I especially love the quote you used. I’m inspired by the man who wrote it. I know intimately the one who inspired him to write it. My hope for you is for that inspiration and intimacy to flood even deeper into your life. And at just the right time, just the right man will enter and begin a magical dance that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

    Such a pleasure to get to know you and hope we can deepen our friendship on future hikes and snowshoe trips.

    • Mark,

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! You’re making me teary eyed. It was great seeing you the other day. It’s nice having my water bottle back : ) I will undoubtedly see you out on the trail again! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this post and the meaning of Valentine’s Day. You show the highest level of courage and share your experience of true love! Your post was one of the best I’ve read since I am a new blogger. I hope your years ahead are filled with great happiness.

  5. It’s difficult to say anything meaningful about Valentine’s Day that hasn’t been said a thousand times already but you’ve succeeded in doing so with your very moving post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this very painful and yet beautiful loss that you suffered.
    Beautiful because you are sharing this love with complete strangers and I am sure, helping
    others who have experienced this tragic circumstance. May you be strengthened daily.
    “Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:4 KJV
    Thank you also for your encouraging “like” for “Love’s Mirror” on my blog.

  7. I have tried to capture the true meaning of Valentines Day today although many of my loved ones are far apart. “Cherish your loved ones” you say? – I snuggled with my daughter instead of racing off to the store. I have the highest regard for my loved ones. I treasure and value their presence in my life. I recognize the importance, worth, quality and magnitude of having them here in My Life. Do your eyes light up when you see them? Heck yes! I hope they can hear the smile in my voice and feel my eyes “light up”. Life is very short. “We are tremendously blessed to have an entire day devoted to love.” Do not take Valentines Day – or people – for granted. I love your writing- and I LOVE YOU!

      • You’re welcome. Sometimes when we expose ourselves to vulnerability, we find that others can find comfort in our words. It can bring hope to others that are going through/have went through the same things.


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