Slowing Down

    Are we gaining anything from our high paced lifestyles or are we creating a caustic environment for ourselves?



Humans were created to function at approximately three miles per hour.  It’s at this perambulatory pace we are able to fully comprehend our environment and our ever-evolving lives. When we glide through our days at three miles an hour we are able to experience life outside of our spotlight images. The connections tethering life together become visible. We are able to identify not only nature, but ourselves. We are able to see bees pollinating flowers, birds using thermals to guide their wings, and wind carrying away sand. All of these occurrences are perpetually in motion. However, we have become so preoccupied with out busy lives we fail to recognize our relationship with not only the natural world around us, but also our immediate surrounds as well.

Take a moment to breathe


 Why has our culture become so obsessed in hastily charging through life? Why are we allowing our lives to be governed by “time?” Is it true we have fabricated a culture bent on racing through life; not actually living it. In our rush to live, have we inadvertently allowed ourselves to become slaves to our distorted perception of time?

Think about how often we rely on numbers and other stimulants to instruct us throughout our day.

We wake up to an alarm. We depend on coffee to start our morning. Upon entering a car we are saluted by another clock antagonizing us to move faster. We proceed to race into work where we punch our “time cards,” and pray that we aren’t late. At work we constantly check our watches urging the minutes to hurry up. Is it “time” for lunch? Halfway through the day we need another pick me up. We infuse our bodies with artificial stamina. It’s no wonder the market for energy drinks has skyrocketed. When we get off work we rush home to cook dinner, all the while checking our watches. When there’s finally a moment to sit down we tune out with television. We’re charging through life at speeds we struggle to keep up with.

We have become so far removed from our roots that we’ve forgotten what truly matters in life.


Love. Unity. Freedom. Relationships.

You have the power to take charge of your life. You’ve always had a choice. Take a moment for yourself. It doesn’t matter the length; what’s important is that a single step begins when you decide that change is needed.



 I challenge you to go an entire day without a watch. Remember what it’s like not being controlled by an abstract conception. I challenge you to be aware of your surroundings. Cultivate a relationship. Smile at a stranger. Turn off your television and have a meaningful conversation. Share yourself with someone.

I challenge you to take time out for yourself, because you matter.


12 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. As I have gotten older (and a little wiser on the way) I have learned to slow down and take time for myself. It is a shame that it had become so foreign to me; and I am forever grateful to get reminders to slow down and take the time for things that are important in life.

  2. Well Said! I recently am experimenting with a form of Buddhist meditation. Actually stopping and putting 100% of your attention on your breathing, for 30 minutes, has benefits that I do not think western cultures yet recognize.

    • Ever since I read this Russ I’ve been doing it! 45 Mins the other day while I was driving. I’ve now adopted your technics : ) You’re such a wise man! ; ) See you soon?

  3. We must all learn not only to stop and breathe, but most of us have no idea what real breathing is. We are so tense and ridden with anxiety, we never tried to breathe. Deep relaxing breaths, relax the stomach and diaphragm let the air fill your lungs. Most of us use under 1/3 of our lung capacity… We are almost dead by my count!


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