Being True to Yourself

Ever since childhood we have always been told to follow our dreams. To do what makes us happy. To not worry about what others think. Somewhere along the line people forgot this. Through the hustle and bustle of our busy lives we forgot the true meaning of living.

People started looking out for themselves. They wanted to get the upper hand. They wanted to win. They wanted to be better than their peers. Our culture and society has created a need to “out-do” the people around us. But, in doing this, we only create a rift among our neighbors. We separate ourselves from one another and what truly matters in life.


People often look at kids and admire the innocence they radiate. I’m not talking about the innocence that comes from not having experience. I’m talking about the kind that allows them to look at the world w wonder. The kind that allows them to see the beauty in seemingly mundane objects. We can all recapture that innocence. But first we must let go of the need to control the world around us. Because in reality, there is very little we actually have control over.

We need to recapture the essence of childhood spontaneity. If you think about it, most of the time we get stressed out it’s because things haven’t gone “according to plan.” When plans change we tend to panic.  But why?



If you take a look at nature it’s perpetually in motion. Nothing ever stays put. Everything is constantly changing and evolving. The trees shed their leaves. The grass goes dormant. Rivers flow. Animals mature and then die. All around us life is shifting. Yet, for some reason humans have tried to halt evolution. Why do we have such a need for control? If we are able to accept that life is always transforming then we won’t be as stressed when things don’t go “according to plan.”  Relinquish the flawed sense of power and authority that our culture has instilled in us. Let’s go back to our roots.

I’m not saying that we simply go through life w out plans. I understand that it’s important to have structure.  But we need to be more pliable. People need to accept that most everything is out of our hands. We need to recapture the childlike ability to “just roll w it.” In doing this we will be able to admire life w a new found appreciation. Humans are the only species that try to suspend life. Why would anyone want to impede the natural progression of such awe-inspiring beauty?

It’s time everyone took a look into their lives and relinquished something. It doesn’t matter how small or big. It all starts w a single step forward. Take a moment to do something for yourself. Do something that makes you happy. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Dust off your childhood innocence. We need to be true to ourselves, because in doing this we will also be true to others.

Heart on the Trail


One thought on “Being True to Yourself

  1. My friend and I were just talking about this last week, That as we grow older, we lose site of what we wanted as kids and tend to do things out of feeling a sense of duty to one-up our colleagues or friends. Am slowly trying to reconcile my adult self with my childhood to rediscover my passion in life. Thanks for this post!


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