For awhile now I have wanted to travel to Patagonia. The scenery and rugged terrain pulls me in.

When I first started out, I wanted to Thru-hike the PCT.  People thought I was crazy. I had never backpacked. Yet, here I was taking on this 2,655 mile trek. I’ve always been drawn to nature. It’s where I feel most at home. When I was on the Pacific Crest Trail this past 6 months it was the first time I was able to call a place “home.” Now, I know this is strange. My home is moving every day. But.. being out there just felt so right. Something clicked. Now that I have that under my belt, I want more.


Northern Terminus of the PCT in Manning Park, Canada

Patagonia just seems like the next logical step for me. It’s something I REALLY want. And we all know when I set my mind to something there is no stopping me. I would love to be able to intern for a program called Concervacion Patagonica, but they opened up their internship program to the locals as paid work for them. I fully support this! But.. it kinda put a damper on the internship I was so set on. So right now I’m trying to think of another way I could make this work. Does anyone know of any WWOOFING opportunities over there?


Pure Beauty

I’m set on this. Any input on ways for me to get over to Patagonia would be greatly appreciated. I want to be able to check off another thing on my bucket list. I’m ready for an adventure. I’m ready to put another notch in my belt!


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